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ClemmonsAt Hatch Homes, we understand that your family’s safety comes first, and we know that this begins with the roof that sits above your home. At Hatch Homes, we are licensed and certified roof replacement professionals, who specialize in residential roof replacements. We provide our services in Clemmons, NC as well as the surrounding areas of:

Lewisville, NC | Advance, NC | Arcadia, NC | Gum Tree, NC | Midway, NC

Hatch Homes is a member of the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor Program. Our team participates in continuing education on the latest installation techniques and building sciences. In fact, we are even recommended by Owens Corning to Clemmons homeowners as the local roof replacement contractor to partner with on your upcoming project. 

While we install Owens Corning products, we also install the following brands of asphalt roofing shingles:
  •      GAF
  •      Certainteed
  •      Atlas
  •      Tamko
How do you know when a roof needs to be replaced?

Typically, an asphalt shingle roof can last up to roughly 20 to 25 years, depending on weather conditions and proper installation. If your roof is showing early signs of failure from storm damage, exposure to high heat, or curling shingles, it is time to consider the replacement of your roof much sooner. 

Curling Shingles– A common roofing problem that occurs in the Carolinas is curling shingles. This is caused when inadequate venting takes place from exposure to heat and humidity. 

Leaks– Another common issue that can occur from curling shingles or missing shingles is leaking in your home. When shingles are installed, a roofing nailer nails the pieces into place. When high wind rips shingles off your home, it can leave holes where the nails were, causing moisture to penetrate into the interior of your roof. 

Interior Stains– In addition to leaks caused by roofing damage, this brings us to our next topic of interior stains. If a roofing leak is not caught in advance, the first sign of roofing failure can result in water or interior stains on your interior ceilings or your drywall. If you notice these signs, you need to contact your insurance company and a roofing company to perform an inspection to discover the root of the problem. 

Sagging Roof– If you notice that your roof is looking saggy, then it may be time to call a professional roofing company to perform a roof examination. It is best to do this at the first sign of drooping rather than waiting until it is too late, and you have a much bigger issue on your hands.   

Another thing that you may want to check is your home improvement records or the information provided to you by the realtor who sold you the home to see when the last time was that your current roof had repairs or replacement occurred.-

Our company installs the following roofing materials:

Architectural Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles are the most common material that is used across the United States from new construction to replacements. The number one reason for this is that it is the most cost-effective material in today’s market. This roofing material is what Hatch Homes would recommend to most homeowners.

Metal Roofing

As a Carolina homeowner, you already know that metal roofs can be spotted on many homes. If you are looking to add a more durable roofing material that has a lifespan of 50 plus years onto your house, this is the best route to go. This style of roofing is also one way to upgrade & modernize any home style. However, be prepared to spend a good chunk of money, as this is the most expensive material in the construction market. 

Rubber Roofing 

While rubber roofing is not as standard of a material for residential homes, it is an excellent material to use if you have any flat spots on your current roof. You may be asking yourself what rubber roofing is made out of, and the answer is typically recycled tires and slate dust, along with many other materials. You may also see the term EPDM used when companies refer to rubber roofing, which is a synthetic rubber. This style of roofing is the most affordable option; however, not the most effective for all roofs. 

Will your home insurance company pay for your roof replacement? 

In many cases, a homeowner’s insurance company will fully or partially pay for a roof replacement. If you are considering to replace your home’s roof, Hatch Homes recommends that you contact your insurance provider to schedule an inspection. If approved, Hatch will partner with your homeowner’s insurance provider to get a new roof installed on your home.

Additionally, to roof replacement services, Hatch Homes also provides Clemmons, NC homeowners with full siding replacement and window replacement. Our team can partner with you to complete any other exterior remodeling goals that you have. 

Whether you are replacing your roof due to age or due to an insurance claim from storm damage, our certified team is here to help you. Call our office today to discuss your exterior project goals and set up your free estimate today!

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Is the roof on your home in need of replacement? Are you uncertain if roof replacement is necessary and could use an expert opinion? Hatch is here to help. Our company offers a completely transparent roof inspection that saves our homeowners money. We only replace roofs that need replacement. Hatch offers asphalt shingle roofs, 3 tab shingle roofs, architectural shingle roofs, aluminum roofing, slate roofing, and much more. Contact us today and we will schedule an appointment between you and one our certified roof inspectors.

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