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Dilworth, NCWe are here to serve you, Dilworth, NC families! The Hatch Homes team knows that your house is more than a building; it is the place where your family feels safe and secure. If you need a new roof, look no further than our skilled crew. We also provide services in:

Indian Trail, NC | Mooresville, NC | Mint Hill, NC | Matthews, NC 

We maintain membership in the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor Program. Our team regularly takes advantage of the educational opportunities we are afforded as a result of this membership. When you choose us, you get the latest roofing industry knowledge. 

We provide Dilworth, NC homeowners with a choice of Owens Corning roofing materials or products made by one of these high-quality options: 
  •     GAF
  •     Certainteed
  •     Atlas
  •     Tamko
How do you know when a roof needs to be replaced?

Typically, today’s homeowners only have to worry about replacing their asphalt shingles roofs every couple of decades due to regular wear and tear. There are situations, though, in which new roofs have to be installed in less time due to storms and other unfortunate circumstances. 

Curling shingles – It’s not uncommon for homeowners in Dilworth, and throughout the United States, to ignore curling shingles for awhile because they don’t seem like a serious issue. Even the smallest space under a shingle, though, can result in insect or vermin infestations, water damage, and other problems.     

Crumbling walls – Whether your home’s walls are plaster or drywall, they should not begin crumbling unless there is an underlying issue. Crumbling areas can sometimes be very tiny and easy to ignore, but it’s important to schedule a roof inspection no matter how severe the problem initially seems. 

Leaks –  If your Dilworth, NC house has leaky ceilings, you might be tempted to sit a pan out when it rains and forget about the issue the rest of the time. Because leaks are often the result of roof problems, though, it is wise to contact Hatch Homes about any indoor leaks you’ve been dealing with.   

Hatch Homes can install:

Architectural Asphalt Shingles:

Architectural asphalt shingles are the perfect choice for any North Carolina homeowner who wants to make an upscale statement without busting his or her budget. They are a relatively affordable option, crafted to look like more costly materials, including rustic wood shakes. 

Metal Roofing:

Metal roof panels were once only considered a good option for commercial and agricultural buildings, but homeowners have realized how versatile this material is. Now, there are entire lines of durable metal roofing just for residential use. 

Rubber Roofing: 

Rubber roof tiles can be installed on an entire roof or just a portion, depending on a homeowner’s preferences. This material is primarily designed to stop leaks from happening. If you have questions regarding rubber roofing, talk to one of our crew members. 

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover my roof replacement? 

There are very few situations in which homeowner’s insurance companies won’t pay for roof replacements. If, though, you don’t feel like you understand the ins and outs of your coverage very well, you should contact a Dilworth-area insurance agent for assistance. 


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Hatch Homes is so much more than a roof installer. If you are interested in learning more about having your home re-sided, we’re here to help you look into all of your options. Our team can install a variety of siding materials, including flame-resistant fiber cement. Contact us for a no obligation quote.


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