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At Hatch Homes, we offer the best roof installation services to the residents of Surfside Beach, SC. We understand that there must be a functional roof over its house for every home to be complete, safeguarding its inhabitants and properties from the harsh weather. 

We are a member of the Owens Corning Contractor Program, and we send out our crew to receive the latest information and practice obtainable in the roofing industry regularly.  

We provide our customers with the full Owens Corning line and products from these asphalt shingle manufacturing companies.






When should I replace my roofing? 

Regular asphalt shingles have a lifespan of about two decades. The uniqueness of weather conditions in different locations can also affect the lifespan of shingles. 

Nonetheless, these are definite indicators that point you to the fact that you need a roof replacement. 

Missing Shingles 

 Missing shingles is a sign you need to make a change immediately. If nothing is done, more shingles will go missing, leaving your roof exposed to all the hazards of bad weather. You can call on our Hatch Homes crew to handle the situation. 

Crumbling Drywalls

When you see crumbling drywall, it’s a sign that water has crept in somehow. The best thing to do is to stop the damage by changing your roofings. You can call on our crew to help salvage the situation. 


Leakages are very subtle but deadly. It could start as a trickle, and soon, your whole house can be jeopardized if no action is taken. It can destroy your attic, your furniture, and other wooden objects in your home. The best thing to do is to fix the roof. Call our team today for help. 

At Hatch Homes, we install 

Architectural Asphalt Shingles 

Architectural asphalt shingles add a touch of beauty to your home. Its 3D patterns give it a sophisticated and appealing look. If you are more inclined towards the aesthetic appeal, then you can opt for architectural asphalt shingles. 

Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing is durable and robust. It has a longer lifespan than regular shingles and is more expensive. If you are interested in investing in roofing that would last decades and involve minute maintenance, then metal roofing is for you. 

Cedar Roofing 

Cedar Roofing is the hybrid roofing. It offers both beauty and longevity in one. It looks appealing to the eyes and is very rigid. With the right care and maintenance, you can enjoy the dividends of cedar roofing in your Surfside Beach home for a very long time. 

Slate Roofing 

Slate Roofing is the definition of longevity and toughness. If you want to invest in roofing that will last a lifetime, then you can invest your money in Slate Roofing for your Surfside Beach home. 

Does homeowner’s insurance cover roof replacement? 

Homeowner’s insurance does cover the cost of roof replacement. But terms and conditions apply. For example, a roof that degenerated gradually may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. You can speak to an agent in the Surfside Beach area today. 



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