Save Money on Wintertime Window Replacement

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If you have been thinking about having the windows in your home replaced, but are worried about the fact that winter is approaching, you are sure to benefit from reading this guide. Many Carolina homeowners are surprised to learn that the winter season is actually one of the best times of year to schedule a window replacement project. If you opened this guide thinking you would need to wait until spring to have new windows put in your house, this is sure to be great news! As you continue reading, you will discover the reasons why a wintertime window replacement ought to be on your radar.

You can take advantage of sales

Because winter is not the most popular time of year for home renovation jobs, many material manufacturers and home improvement retailers run their best sales of the year when the weather in North Carolina and South Carolina turns chilly. There are a few reasons for this. First, great prices encourage consumers to purchase remodeling wares they might not have bought otherwise. In addition, winter sales help stores and brands move products before the next season’s lines arrive.

If you’re thinking about shopping sales for your new windows, make sure you check around prior to making a purchase. Even if you find a good deal right off the bat, another local Carolina company may beat that rate. Some window companies are also willing to take an additional percentage off of the lowest prices their competitors are offering!

You won’t have trouble with scheduling

Contractors, like home improvement retailers, often find themselves with much less business during the winter months. Due to this, you won’t have any trouble getting on your preferred window contractor’s calendar. In some cases, professional installers are even able to start clients’ jobs within a day or two in the winter. This is excellent news for those whose windows are starting to cause discomfort, such as letting in drafts or unwanted outside noise.

Another perk of working with window installation contractors in cold weather is that you may have to pay less for labor. Due to supply and demand, home renovation professionals are often able to charge more for labor during the spring and summer than they can when temperatures begin dropping. This is advantageous for homeowners like you who aren’t afraid of scheduling wintertime work!

You’ll start saving money right away

One of the very best things about having new windows in your home is that you’ll start saving money on your utility bills right away. As a matter of fact, many Carolina homeowners whose previous windows were quite old notice that their new windows pay for themselves within just a year or so. Today’s energy-efficient styles do wonders for both heating and cooling bills.

If you are interested in having a member of the Hatch Homes team give you a free quote, contact our office today. We offer window installation services throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. No matter what window styles you’re thinking about having installed, we can handle the job. We are excited to hear from you soon!

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