Should I Have My Home’s Windows Replaced or Glazed?

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If you own an older North Carolina or South Carolina home, there are probably certain features you love for their historic charm and others that aren’t as modern as you would prefer. Many historic homeowners, for instance, wish their windows were newer. Old windows can be both unattractive and hugely inefficient. If you know something needs to be done about your windows, but aren’t sure what, this guide is for you.

Reasons to Buy Replacement Windows:
    • You are seeing lots of fog – If your windows seem to constantly be foggy, it’s a major red flag. Condensation appearing on the interior of windows or between double panes is generally a sign that the windows were not properly installed. In the case of historic homes, though, it is possible that the house has simply settled and the window frames have begun to dislodge from their original positions.
    • The frames are beginning to rot – Older window frames were typically made of wood, which has a great look at first, but can begin to deteriorate badly if not properly cared for. If your frames were literally left to rot before you moved into your home, replacing them might not just be the best option, but the only option. Rotten wood can allow moisture to seep into your home, ultimately causing mold infestations and structural damage.
    • You hate the style – Sometimes, old windows can make a house look dated and aesthetically unappealing. If you are frustrated by the look of your windows every time you come home, it’s probably time to replace them rather than paying to update panes and frames you aren’t fond of.
Reasons to Consider Glazing:
    • Energy efficiency is your priority – If you actually like the look of your current windows and they are in good condition, but you worry about how energy-efficient they are, glazing is probably the best route for you. Retrofitted double glazed windows typically offer exceptional energy efficiency, comparable to brand new windows, but at a lower price.
    • You love your current window frames – In some cases, homeowners have beautiful historic window frames that have been perfectly maintained or restored. If this applies to you, it may be impossible to find replacement windows that suit the overall look of your home. Talking to a professional about glazing your existing windows is a great option for people in this situation.
    • You are certain the glass is the issue – If you’ve already had your windows inspected and the professional you hired assured you that the glass is the problem, glazing could be the perfect solution. If, however, you don’t know what the issue is, you could ultimately pay more by choosing to have your windows glazed first. It could also be a problem with caulking, how your windows were originally installed, or even faulty weatherstripping.

No matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is to make sure qualified, trustworthy local professionals handle your window renovation project. Online reviews can be helpful when it comes to locating home services experts in your part of the Carolinas. You may also want to speak with friends and relatives about window installation teams they have used in the past.

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