Should I Install My Own Windows or Not?

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With the rise of home renovation television shows and the popularity of online remodeling blogs, more homeowners than ever before are starting to consider trying their hand at do-it-yourself projects. Some of these tasks are relatively simple and, if they don’t go according to plan, won’t have lasting consequences. Others, however, can impact the overall integrity of a home and can lead to potentially dangerous problems. Installing your own windows, while certainly not impossible, falls into the latter category. 

If your windows are getting older or you are planning to put an addition on your home, you might have found yourself considering whether or not you should install your own windows. In this guide, you will find information about both the perks and drawbacks of doing this renovation project without professional help. By the end, you should have a good idea of which route is the right one for you. 

Perks of DIY Window Installation

You will save money – Even though window installation professionals typically pay contractor rates or wholesale rates for their materials, their labor costs often outweigh any cost savings at the point of purchase. You are likely to save a significant amount of money by installing your own windows. Keep in mind, however, that if you make a significant mistake, it could be pricey to have it fixed by an expert later on. 

You will gain confidence in your skills – Sometimes, the primary reason people are hesitant to try do-it-yourself projects is that they simply lack confidence, even if they are actually capable. By doing something like installing windows on your own, you will increase the faith you have in your own skills and, perhaps, be able to do more jobs by yourself in the future. It is, though, important to remember that not everyone has the background or know-how to perform certain DIY tasks. 

Drawbacks of DIY Window Installation

You could get hurt – Although window installation is not the most dangerous do-it-yourself job you could attempt, there is still some risk of injury. If, for example, a windowpane were to shatter while you were putting it in, you could sustain serious cuts. Or, if a window fell on your hand or foot, it could lead to broken bones. Professional installers know how to safely install windows of all kinds, greatly minimizing the chances that they will get hurt. 

You may make an error – As mentioned previously, it is possible to make rookie mistakes while installing windows by yourself. In some cases, for instance, homeowners accidentally leave space between their exterior walls and their new window frames. This can ultimately lead to drafts, precipitation getting indoors, and even mold problems. Depending on how much damage installation errors ultimately cause, it can be very expensive to have them corrected. 

In the long run, many homeowners find that it makes the most sense to have professionals install their new windows. This provides peace of mind and, often, includes a workmanship guarantee. The team at Hatch Homes regularly performs window installation jobs throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. We look forward to speaking with you about your project soon. 

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