Should You DIY Outdoor Projects or Hire a Pro?

If you’re thinking about doing some outdoor projects around the house, you might be wondering whether it’s best to do them yourself or hire a professional to tackle the jobs you have in mind. As you read this guide, you’ll find out which popular residential exterior projects you should try to DIY and which are best left to the experts. 

Outdoor Projects You Can Usually DIY: 

Constructing a pergola – Pergolas have become very popular in the Carolinas in recent years. Affordable to build and effective at providing shade in outdoor living spaces, it’s relatively simple to construct a pergola on your own if you have any previous experience with woodworking. If you’re interested in putting up a pergola on your property, there are dozens of free construction plans available for download online.

Planting flowers and herbs – Thousands of homeowners throughout North Carolina and South Carolina plant their own flower gardens and herb gardens annually. If you’ve never taken care of your own planting before, the toughest part will be determining which flowers will thrive in your region. You also need to make sure you only plant flowers you are willing to take care of properly. If you are looking for a low maintenance garden, don’t choose plants that require a great deal of daily care. 

Build a fire pit – Basic fire pits are not hard to construct, and you may already have all the materials you need. If you need instructions, look online for free downloads. The construction of complex fire pits may require the assistance of a professional landscaper. 

Outdoor Projects Pros Should Handle:

Complete landscape design – If you want to do more than plant some flowers or kitchen herbs, it’s best to work with a local Carolina landscape designer. Not only will someone who works in this field professionally know which plants will grow best, but he or she will be able to help you decide on other landscape options, such as stone pathways and water features, that will transform your outdoor space. 

Construction of a deck – Because decks are by definition raised platforms, it is absolutely imperative for them to be sturdy and, therefore, safe. They also need to meet all of your Carolina municipality’s building codes. You may not know these as a layperson who doesn’t do construction professionally. As a result of all of this, professional contractors should always handle deck building projects. You need to feel confident that your loved ones are secure when they are enjoying your new outdoor space. 

Siding installation – Although the idea of hanging siding seems simple enough, this is actually a challenging job that is best left to the experts. Improperly installed siding can leave your home susceptible to all sorts of destruction, including mold growth, vermin infestations, and water damage. To make sure the job is done right the first time and you don’t incur additional repair costs down the line, hire a reputable siding contractor who serves your part of the Carolinas. 

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