Siding Removal & Sheathing Inspection

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Before hiring a siding replacement contractor, it is important for homeowner’s to take time to understand what the reside process looks like. One of the first steps in a successful siding replacement project is the removal of the current siding and inspecting the underlying sheathing rot, mildew and other moisture damage.

Siding Removal

A qualified siding contractor will carefully remove your current siding & weather barrier on your home. All extraneous items such as downspouts and light fixtures attached to your sidewalls will be carefully removed and safely set aside. Tear off usually includes only one layer of existing cladding, but sometimes there are multiple layers.

Sheathing Preparation

The sheathing is the structural surface over which the siding is attached. It is necessary that the sheathing is a solid, smooth surface. This will permit the siding to be attached to a flat surface. Typical types of sheathing are OSB, plywood, polystyrene, Bild-rite, or wood decking. All types of sheathing will support James Hardie Products.

Note: Attaching siding to the sheathing only is a primary contributor to premature product failure and customer dissatisfaction. “End of job” audits will not determine if weather barrier was properly installed. Ensuring proper installation is solely dependent on the technician & can only be verified by management.

If your contractor applies siding over sheathing that is unacceptable to the manufacturer, and damage results, the warranty will not be honored. The manufacturer will not be responsible for:

1. Poor sheathing design that causes damage to the siding system or other parts of the house.

2. Damage to the siding caused by settlement, distortion, failure, or cracking of the sheathing.

3. Defects, damage or failure caused by the application of the siding that is not in strict adherence to the written instructions of the manufacturer.

4. Application over sheathing that is not dry or which has hard projections. This includes partially driven nails which can cause damage to the siding or weather barrier.

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