Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your Home’s Windows Soon

When To Replace Your Windows

Failed Window Seal

The windows on your home are one of the most integral parts of its efficiency and insulation. Even if your home has brand new siding or a new roof, a faulty, outdated, or damaged set of windows can cause your monthly energy bills to skyrocket or your house to have trouble remaining at a specified temperature.

Luckily, Hatch Homes is here to help you identify signs that it may be time to get your windows replaced. If you find that your home is ready for a new set of windows, call or contact us to schedule your free initial consultation, and get the problem remedied as soon as possible!

Unstable Temperature

If you find that your house has trouble maintaining the temperature your thermostat is set to, this can be one of the warning signs that your home’s insulation may not be up to snuff. Whether you find that your air conditioning unit is running non-stop or it doesn’t quite make it down to the temperature that’s set, it may be time to start looking for your nearest window contractor.

In a similar vein, whether your air conditioning is constantly running or not, you may be throwing money out the window without even noticing it. If you see a sharp rise in your monthly energy bills, it could mean that your home has lost a component of its efficiency. Not only can this be a costly new finding, but it can spell disaster for aspects of your home’s integrity as well.


If you notice condensation between the panes of glass in your window like in the picture above, this is another telltale sign it is time to switch it out. This is a sign that moisture is seeping into your home, which can cause the home’s humidity to fluctuate, creating spikes in energy bills and potentially causing damage to other aspects of your home.

From drywall walls and ceilings to any framing or caulking around the windows, moisture can be detrimental to many things. To ensure this problem does not continue and your home is protected, call Hatch Homes today to learn more.

What To Do Now

To begin the process of a new home window installation, call Hatch Homes as quickly as possible. The earlier you call, the earlier the problem can be addressed, potentially saving you hundreds in the process.

TO get started, the first step is an initial consultation. From there, the proper window material and style can be selected, and installation is a breeze with our factory-trained installation crews. So, call Hatch Homes today for the best new window installation contactors in the Carolinas!

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