Signs You Need New Windows

When it comes to exterior home renovations, you may be overthinking your windows. They play a vital part in your home, so shouldn’t they be replaced at some point too? But when? Many homeowners are unsure of when to replace windows, so instead, they just avoid the project all together. Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to stop putting it off and replace your windows now.



This is a sign many people don’t think of, but a crucial one nonetheless. Stand next to a window and see how loudly the cars sound driving by outside. If they’re very loud and clear, it’s a sign your windows need to be replaced. Newer windows offer better soundproofing for the inside of the home, and you’ll definitely notice the difference once they’re replaced.


Window Operation

If your windows are incredibly hard to open and close, it’s a sign it’s time to replace. If you notice water damage or warping around the frame of the window, this could be the cause of the window being difficult to move. Water damage around the window frame should be taken very seriously and replaced quickly before the problem spreads.

If the window is leaking, even if it’s only a small amount, they need to be replaced. A small leak can quickly turn into a much bigger issue, and you’ll be left with a puddle on the floor, wishing you had installed new windows sooner.


High Energy Bills

This is possibly the most important sign to look out for. If your energy bills are unreasonably high, look into it further to see if it could be your windows. Windows with a worn-out seal or poor framing can allow a cold draft in the winter, and heat in the summer. Not only are they letting outside temperatures in, but they’re making the precious heat and AC slip out the cracks.

Another sign of a poor seal is condensation between the two panes of glass making up your window; if you notice this, it’s time to replace.


If you notice any of these issues in your windows, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Hatch Homes, we’re your resource for all things exterior in the Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Winston Salem, NC areas. This includes window, of course. Contact one of our expert customer service representatives today to receive a consultation and explore what your options are to replace your windows to improve your home.

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