Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

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The average homeowner rarely thinks about the age or quality of their roof until it is too late. A problem may start off as a small water drip on the floor due to heavy rain or a few shingles blowing off after a severe thunderstorm. However, the scariest part of all is when a homeowner chooses to ignore the warning signs altogether. A day turns into a month and then a month turns into a year that the leak has yet to be repaired or the shingles replaced. As you can imagine now the roof must be replaced which will now cost more money and maybe even more repairs than just to the roof. To avoid this particular scenario from happening to you, be sure to perform a regular roof inspection or hire someone to inspect the roof for you.

Here are a few small signs to look out for to ensure your roof gets the proper TLC before it is too late:

1. Buckling Shingles- House shingles that have begun to buckle or deteriorate is a good sign that your roof is starting to fail. Be sure to look at the slopes that receive the most direct sunlight this is where you will see the beginning signs of any buckling. After the inspection of your roof’s slopes, if you notice that the shingles are starting to buckle, it could also mean that the shingles are just past their life expectancy.

2. The Age- So how long should an average roof last? Great question, most experts say that a good roof will last between 20 and 25 years. Other things will come into factor as well like: was the previous roof removed before the new one had been installed? Do you only have one layer of shingles that also gives the roof the ability to ventilate correctly? Chances are if you discover that your roof was mounted directly on top of another one, it is a guarantee that you will need a roof overhaul.

3. Missing shingles.- One of two things can cause shingles to be missing. One of the leading causes is a storm that produced high winds which remove shingles as it passes through. Another reason could be a leak that has been discovered, during a recent rainstorm. Signs that point to a roof leak in the interior are watermarks on the drywall or puddles of water on the floor. Be sure when performing a regular inspection on your roof to check that all shingle tabs are secure and that none are missing.

4. Daylight in the Attic- When doing your routine roof inspection it is always important to go into your attic. Be careful when entering the attic and only step on the floor joists that can fully support your weight when doing so. Look around to see if any daylight is making it way in through the roof. Another place to check in the attic is the insulation if moisture or mold is found, that would also be a good indication that there is a problem with your roof.

If this scenario sounds too familiar or you discover any of these warning signs, call the team at homes for your free consultation.

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