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Sliding windows generally open side to side. One side of the window moves left to right, to allow for ventilation through the sliding windows. These window sashes go horizontally, rather than up and down, like single or double hung windows. They have built-in slides that are designed to help the windows open smoothly. They are one of the more popular window types.

A lot of homeowners opt for sliding windows because they not only let in a lot of natural sunlight, but they also look really modern. While they look modern, they are really pretty classic in their style and functionality. They are also really durable, and can be a very appealing window option.

Since sliding windows have been around for centuries now, they are a timeless classic. They can be found in homes of all ages and sizes, across the entire world. They never seem to lose their popularity either, since they are so easy to use. They are also really pretty affordable, in comparison to some of the other types of windows that you find on the market.

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The Average Cost of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can actually be more on the pricey side. They are generally more expensive than single or double hung windows. Each window will range anywhere from $320 to $1300, depending on the size the materials that are used for the window. You should also take into account the amount of money that it will cost to have them installed. This is generally not included in the cost of the actual window. You can get a good estimate from a window installation professional to cover the cost of the window, along with the installation.

Horizontal Slider Windows

The Advantages of Sliding Windows
Horizontal Slider Windows

Sliding windows have a lot of good advantages. These windows are some of the best windows for shorter walls. Other types of windows, such as casement windows or awning windows tend to take up too much space. This can make your room seem a lot smaller than it really is. Sliding windows are really very popular in mobile homes and manufactured homes, to open up the room a bit. They do tend to take up more wall space from side to side, but they are not as large in height. This will make the room look taller, which can be an advantage.

Sliding windows can also give you more freedom when it comes to decorating your home. Decorating and placing furniture can be more difficult with larger windows, but shorter sliding windows can give you more places to put your furnishings. This is because they are typically placed higher up on the walls. This gives you space to put your furniture without blocking your window views.

Since sliding windows open and close easily, with slides, they are typically very easy to maintain. This means that they don’t take a lot of upkeep, and keep a simple design and mechanism. Maintaining these windows is pretty easy. All you have to do is keep the slides lubricated, and keep the casings from filling up with dirt and debris.

The simplistic design of the sliding windows also makes them much more durable. They are likely to stand the test of time better than other types of windows that you find on the market these days. This means they are less likely to break, and they also don’t usually wear out or get damaged over time. They can, however, rust. This is why you need to keep them free from moisture.

Sliding windows also allow you to move both sections of the window. You can open only one section if you prefer, or you can open both to really allow for more ventilation. This gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to air flow in your home.

Finally, you will find that sliding windows are fairly easy to keep clean. They usually tilt inwards, or sometimes even come completely out to allow you to clean them completely. The good news is that you don’t have to worry with going from inside of the home to outside to get the windows clean.

The Disadvantages of Sliding Windows

Now, it is time to look at some of the potential drawbacks of sliding windows. Sliding windows are not the easiest to weather proof. This is because the actual sides have to be sealed, and if you do not seal them properly, it can allow the elements to come in. If the sealant is not placed properly, it can even mess with the functionality of the windows. This can make them harder for you to open them and close them.

Most people also find that sliding windows do not offer the most energy efficiency. Since they do not offer the tightest seal, they can cause issues with the insulation in your home. This can make it more costly to heat and cool your home.

Sliding windows also do not offer an unobstructed view. Since these windows are made up of two different window panes, there is some obstruction to the view. If you want a view that does not have any obstruction, then you may want to consider casement windows or awning windows.

Kitchen Slider WindowsThe Size Options for Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can come in a variety of different sizes. They range in widths from 36” to 84”, and heights from 24” to 60”. You will notice that sliding windows are generally longer in width than they are in height. If you want windows that fit within these ranges, then you can get a premade slider window. If you need something larger or smaller, then you may have to have it custom built. This is something that you can talk to your contractor about. They will be able to help you determine the best size option for your home.

Additional Features for Your Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can come with additional features as well. This helps them to ensure better durability and energy efficiency. Consider a triple barrier weatherstripping. Having your windows weatherstripped is a good idea, because it keeps out the moisture when it rains. It also helps to keep it warmer inside during the winter, and cooler during the summer. This boosts your energy efficiency as well.

Sliding windows can also have built in blinds. These blinds are placed in between two different glass panels, and the blinds stay clean since they are secured between the panes. This means you never have to clean them. Just clean the windows.

You should also take a look at the different finishes and materials that are used to make your sliding windows. Consider vinyl, including color vinyl. Color vinyl allows you to match your windows to your home décor. Going with something more neutral can actually be a better idea though, because you may always decide to change up your furnishings.

Woodgrain finish is another option you may consider. A lot of people really love the look of woodgrain, but it may not be the most durable material. Aluminum is also available, but this material tends to rust. Vinyl is one of the most popular options, because it tends to last, and is also pretty affordable and easy to keep clean.

The Best Places to Install Slider Windows

Slider windows are usually better off for walls that are shorter in height, but have a lot of open area long ways. For instance, they are perfect for above your kitchen sink. They are also good for homes that do not have very high ceilings. Mobile homes typically have a lot of sliding windows, since they have shorter walls. They tend to work well, allowing for adequate air flow, and helping you to open up the space.

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Living Room Slider WindowsChoosing the Right Slider Window Installation Contractor

When you want slider windows installed in your home, you will need to hire a professional contractor. They will help to take care of everything, from start to finish, when it comes to installing new or replacement windows in your home. Here are some things that you would like to look into when choosing the right contractor.

First, look for a contractor that is going to offer a free consultation. Consultations should consist of them coming out to your home to take a look at your walls and spaces. They will be able to give you a fairly accurate quote, including the materials and other supplies needed, along with the labor costs associated with installation.

You should also look for an installation contractor that offers excellent customer service. Sure, some contractors will try to win you over in the beginning, but you need someone that is going to offer a good follow through on their promises. Also consider the length of time it will take them to install the window. Many installers can get the job done in a single day, but you don’t want them rushing the job just to get done. You want the job done right, to ensure a properly installed window that is going to keep out the elements and remain sealed.

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