Spring Cleaning for Your Siding

You may have noticed the signs of Spring approaching as what once was dead and brown is being replaced by greener grass and blooming flowers. As the weather is getting warmer, spring fever may be washing over you as well as the thoughts of outdoor maintenance becoming more apparent. The grass will need mowing soon, the gardens replanted, but what about the care and maintenance of your home’s exterior siding?

Spring is a great time to not only clean the exterior of your home but to also check for any repairs that may not have been present before. Here are a few easy ways to clean your siding from the experts:

How to clean vinyl siding:

In accordance to the vinyl siding institute, some manufacturer’s warranties are voided by the use of certain chemicals or the use of a pressure washer. To ensure your warranty is not voided check with your manufacturer for specific instructions. A safe and easy way to clean your vinyl is with a mild soap and the use of a soft cloth or soft handled brush. Be sure to work from the top to the bottom and rinse the cleaning solution off well.
For those tougher spots, such as mold or mildew you can use a solution of vinegar(30%) and water(70%) which works well.

How to clean James Hardie siding:

First it is important to know which style of James Hardie Product you have installed on your home for specific cleaning directions. The HZ10 ColorPlus® Technology can simply be cleaned with water and a soft rag. For tougher areas, a mild detergent and a soft brush may be used. For HZ10 that had paint applied after installation, refer to your specific paint manufacturer for washing and maintenance requirements.
A pressure washer may be used, however proper care must be taken to
ensure the water stream does not damage the surface of the siding.
Damage to the siding from improper cleaning or maintenance may not
be covered by the warranty.
Tips: use a wide fan tip that is kept a minimum of 6 feet from the wall and a pressure under 1500 psi will lessen the chance of damage to the product.

How to clean wood siding:

Wood, is a natural material, which requires a bit more maintenance than your average siding.
For sealed wood simply used an oxygen bleach. What is the difference between chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach you may ask? Chlorine bleach can also be listed as sodium hypochlorite. This chemical can strip the color of the wood and is dangerous to vegetation and trees. Oxygen bleach is a powder that is mixed with water which is non toxic to vegetation. Once the solution is mixed apply it to the wood and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Gently scrub the wood with a soft brush and simply rinse off with a garden hose. Once wood is dry you can then re seal it with a wood sealer of your choice.

These are general cleaning recommendations. As always reach out to your specific manufacturer for any clarity on proper cleaning solutions and questions.

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