Spruce Up Your Home For a Spring Sale

If you are planning to list your Carolina property in the near future or if it has already been sitting on the market all winter with no takers, the information in this guide can help you get it ready for a spring sale! Curb appeal is one of the most crucial parts of any successful home sale, so if your house doesn’t look great on the outside right now, it’s time to start making changes. As you continue reading, you will find some helpful tips that will make it easy to boost the curb appeal of your North Carolina or South Carolina home just in time to find a warm-weather buyer!

Make sure the lawn is manicured

A messy lawn is a surefire way to make prospective buyers second-guess their decision to visit your home. Before you do anything else to increase your home’s curb appeal, make sure you clear the yard of any debris or trash. Over the course of the winter months, leaves, branches, and other unwanted lawn waste can accumulate all too easily. Clearing all of this way and having your yard professionally will give you a beautiful canvas to work with. 

Add new mulch and plant flowers

Once your lawn has been manicured, you should put fresh mulch in all of the flower beds and plant some new flowers to attract would-be buyers. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, don’t hesitate to work with a local landscaper who knows exactly what types of flora will thrive in your area of North Carolina or South Carolina. Some home sellers even find that it is worth the money to pay landscaping services to keep their yards in perfect condition until their closing dates. 

Schedule a power wash

Winter grime can quickly coat the exterior walls of a house, especially if you live in a part of the Carolinas where salt is required to keep icy steps and sidewalks at bay. The best way to get your residence as clean as it can be is to have it power washed. You can rent the equipment and do this yourself, but it’s often easier to leave it to the professionals. Power washing can generally be done in an afternoon, depending somewhat on the size of your home and if you have any outbuildings that also need to be serviced. 

Invest in new hardware

New exterior hardware, such as doorbells, doorknobs, and even mailboxes, can go a long way toward improving the look of your house. The best thing about these items is that they pack a lot of visual punch without costing a lot of money. If you aren’t sure what kind of hardware is best for the overall style of your Carolina residence, look at photos online before you start shopping. This will help you have a good idea of what you want when you hit the stores. 

If the exterior of your house is in serious need of remodeling and your real estate agent doesn’t think it will sell without extensive work, give the Hatch Homes team a call. We are here for all of your roofing, siding, and window installation needs. You can trust our skilled crew to give you a fair price and exceptional service. We look forward to helping you get your current house off the market and to helping you turn your new home into your dream space!

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