Stone Veneer and Hardieplank Siding: A Perfect Combination

If you are thinking about redoing the outside of your home, you’ve probably started looking for inspiration both online and in the area where you live. One thing you might have noticed is that many upscale houses feature a combination of wood and stone on their exteriors. As gorgeous as this combination is, it can come with a host of issues for Carolinian homeowners.

The humid weather in the Southeast, for example, is a bastion for termites and other insects that love to bore into wood. Additionally, no matter how well you care for it, outdoor wood will eventually rot and have to be replaced. Stone comes with its own set of issues, such as the fact that it tends to crack over time, especially if you live in a part of North Carolina where fall and winter weather is cold.

A great way to combat the problems that natural wood and stone can be susceptible to, without sacrificing the look you love, is to use Hardieplank siding and stone veneer. Hardieplank siding is a fiber cement product that mimics the look of wood siding, while stone veneer is a much more durable, synthetic alternative to actual rocks. Some important benefits of choosing a Hardieplank siding and stone veneer combination for your exterior remodel are outlined below.

These products are likely to fit your budget.

If you are looking to save as much money as possible when you renovate the outside of your house, you will probably be happy about the price of stone veneer and Hardieplank siding compared to actual stone and wood products. These alternatives tend to be significantly less expensive when all is said and done. This is due, in part, to the prices of the materials themselves, but also to the fact that the labor required to install them is less intensive.

There are more color choices.

Lots of modern homeowners have very specific ideas of what they want their houses to look like after the renovate them. If this sounds like you, you might actually have found yourself disappointed by the limited colors of natural wood and stone. Or, you might have discovered that your dream options were too costly for you to afford. With Hardieplank siding and stone veneer, though, you can select the perfect combination to fulfill your vision for your house without worrying about one color costing significantly more than another.

There is very little maintenance.

Because Hardieplank siding is a durable fiber cement material and stone veneer is specifically engineered to be low-maintenance, both materials require little to no upkeep. This cannot be said of real wood and stone, which generally necessitate quite a bit of care. You will definitely appreciate this perk of your chosen materials after a few months!

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