Why Stone Veneer

Why Stone?

Boral is the most recognized stone veneer brand in the industry. For five decades, Cultured Stone® by Boral® has created a reputation for unmatched quality, authenticity, and design capability. They routinely improve their manufacturing process and perfect their material composition.

About Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer not only mimics the appearance and feel of natural stone, but also elevates it with cleaner stone transition and color consistency.

Stone Veneer has been subjected to rigorous third-party testing. The material has met, and mostly exceeded, all quality requirements for masonry products. Stone Veneer received impeccable test results from the two leading authorities in building product testing.

ICC – ES (International Code Council – Evaluation Service)

The ICC developed the IBC (International Building Code). The code is intended to protect public safety and ensure adequate construction practices. ICC code and testing is used throughout the United States and its practices are mandated in both North Carolina & South Carolina.

ASTM International

ASTM is an organization that creates and distributes technical performance standards for a variety of building materials. Around 12,575 ASTM standards have been adopted globally and are mandated in the Carolinas.

The value of Stone Veneer can be boiled down to these four bullet points:

  1. Price
  2. Durability & Maintenance-Free
  3. Eco-Friendliness
  4. Warranty Protection 

Durable and Maintenance-Free


Mother Nature is undefeated. Eventually she will win. Versetta Stone is engineered to thrive for 50+ years while requiring virtually no maintenance. The homeowners that invest in Stone Veneer are rewarded with a lifetime of beauty and performance.

Physical PropertyTest MethodResultPass/Fail?
Dimensional StabilityBoral TestingTolerance from the nominal shall be 2% with a maximum variation of 1⁄8 in. (3.175)Pass
Flexural StrengthICC-ES AC90 & Boral TestingAverage equilibrium flex. = 528 psi & Flexural strength retention = 85%Pass
Water TightnessAC90 & ASTM C 1185No water droplets observed.Pass
CorrosionASTM B117 - 1000 Hour Salt SprayMinimum corrosion - 60 Year RatedPass

Moisture Management

Moisture management of any masonry product is critical to the material’s success. Stone Veneer is designed to be a complete moisture management system. Built-in rain screens and integrated drainage components allow incidental water to exit the system. Because of these features, Stone Veneer does not expand or contract on the wall. Also, it will not become 'dusty' due to salts emitting to the surface (also known as efflorescence). 

Physical PropertyTest MethodResultPass/Fail?
Rain ResistanceASTM C 1185No measurable expansion & contractionPass
EfflorescenceICC-ES AC51 & ASTM C 67No notable efflorescencePass

Freezing Temperatures

Water is the ‘wonder molecule’. For those science buffs out there, it is the only molecule on earth that expands once frozen. This can wreak havoc to any building material exposed to the elements. Stone Veneer is an effective water shedding system. It is impervious to the damages of freeze thaw cycles. The leaves the most powerful tool in mother nature's playbook completely ineffective.

Physical PropertyTest MethodResultPass/Fail?
Interlaminar Bond StrengthASTM C 666 & ASTM C 67< 3% Mass Loss after 50 Freeze Thaw Cycles & No Measurable Material DeteriorationPass

UV Exposure

Many composite materials, particularly those that are vinyl (plastic) based, expand and contract when exposed to heat. We call this Thermal Movement. Like Hardiplank, Stone Veneer products are immune to any significant thermal expansion and contraction. Whether it's the sun's UV rays or the grill being too close to the house, choose materials that can take the heat! 

Physical PropertyTest MethodResultPass/Fail?
Thermal MovementICC-ES AC90No measurable expansion & contractionPass

Pest Resistance

The day that insects begin eating through stone is the day that we call it quits. Masonry products are impervious to insects, termites, and woodpeckers. Leave the pests in the past. 

Physical PropertyTest MethodResultPass/Fail?
Insect Induced DeteriorationBoral TestingNo measurable deteriorationPass

Fire Resistance

Keeping loved ones safe is the number one priority of any family. When it comes to the safety of your home, using fire retardant building materials is critically important. Stone Veneer is non-combustible and has earned a Class A Fire Rating through the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). What does this mean? Take a blowtorch to the material for days and it will never spark, ignite, or smoke.

Physical PropertyTest MethodResultPass/Fail?
Surface Burning CharacteristicsASTM E84 & FSRSFlame Spread = 0 & Smoke Developed = 0Pass

High Wind Tolerance

Stone Veneer is not affected by abnormally high winds like many products are. The material has a 110-mph Wind Load Rating. This gives Stone Veneer a high wind tolerance that is capable of surviving hurricane winds. 

Physical PropertyTest MethodResultPass/Fail?
Wind LoadASTM E330> 120 psf uniform load test pressure & > 90 mph most exposuresPass


Hatch Homes only recommends materials in which the manufacturer backs the quality of the product. A manufacturer does this by providing extensive warranty protection. Versetta Stone provides owners with excellent coverage when compared to other warranties in the industry.

1. 50 Year Prorated Coverage

Boral’s warranty takes effect for five decades! The value of the warranty depreciates at a lineal rate starting on the day of install completion.
Proration for Versetta Stone

2. Transferable

You can transfer the warranty to the next homeowner so long as the transfer date is within 15 years of the install completion date.

3. Single-Source Warranty

You can transfer the warranty to the next homeowner so long as the transfer date is within 15 years of the install completion date.
Versetta Stone System


Incorporating stone accents will immediately add flavor and texture to your home’s curbside appeal. However, installing quarried or natural stone to your homefront can be an incredibly expensive endeavor.


It’s difficult to extract the stone.
It’s difficult to transport the stone.
It’s difficult to install the stone.
These difficulties are passed on to the homeowner through excessively inflated pricing.

Stone Veneer’s revolutionary manufacturing process eliminates the difficulties of stone, slashing the cost to the end user. This offers Hatch’s homeowners the best of both worlds:

The long-lasting beauty & durability of natural stone at a cost-effective price point.