The 4 Most Popular Siding Styles Right Now

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Siding is an essential component of any home exterior. In addition to providing protection from the elements, siding gives houses a finished appearance, and, in many cases, serves as a harbinger of the homeowners’ personal style. If you’ve been thinking about changing the siding on your house, it is important to research all of the options that are available to you prior to committing to a specific option. Some homeowners don’t even realize just how many siding materials are currently on the market! As you read this article, you will learn about four popular types of siding you should consider before making your final decision.

    1. Vinyl siding – Even with the rise of other siding options, vinyl siding remains the most popular choice in the United States. There are a few significant reasons for this. The first is the cost. Basic vinyl siding is extremely affordable for most families; it is worth noting, though, that some companies have more costly, high-end styles as well these days. Secondarily, vinyl siding is incredibly versatile and comes in a wide range of colors, so it’s perfect for all home styles. Finally, this type of siding is both durable and easily accessible. It generally doesn’t have to be special ordered and, most of the time is rated to last for a minimum of two decades.
    2. Wood siding – Before the rise of modern materials, including vinyl, wood siding was one of the only options for homeowners. If you reside in a historic house, in fact, you might still have painted wood siding boards on the exterior of your home. In recent years, wood siding has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence, but today’s iterations are often left natural for a look that can be either rustic or coastal depending on how it is styled; Carolina homeowners who reside near the ocean, for instance, often select wood shakes instead of traditional siding boards. Left in its natural form, wood siding doesn’t require a lot of maintenance unless it sustains water damage. If, however, you paint or stain it, you can expect it to require a fresh coat about once a year.
    3. Fiber cement siding – The James Hardie manufacture crafts a relative newcomer to the siding game, fiber cement siding boards. This sort of siding has a number of perks, including fire-resistance, the ability to withstand hurricane-force winds, and an aesthetically pleasing look. Many fiber cement siding styles are designed to look like authentic wood, but without the upkeep. Furthermore, this sort of siding is more affordable than most homeowners expect it to be, making it an excellent option for those who are looking for something innovative.
    4. Stucco siding – Homes with stucco exteriors are most popular in the Southwest, but can also be found in various southeastern states. Conventional stucco is made from a mixture of sand, cement, lime, and water. It has a textured look that is popular for homes that are inspired by Mediterranean architecture. Stucco, many homeowners are surprised to learn, is incredibly durable and can actually last the entire lifespan of a house if adequately cared for.

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