The Anatomy Of Your Home Exterior

As a homeowner when you look at a house all you may see is siding, windows, a roof and a door. However, when you are a professional you see that there is so much more to a home than that. To understand the full exterior of your home and to speak like the pros here is a list of common terminology.

Starter Strip– A small piece of plank that gives lap siding its first initial kick out.

Sheathing– Is a panel material that is used in both flooring and wall structures to provide a surface for which product will be installed onto.

Horizontal and Vertical Siding–  Siding can be installed in many different ways. The most popular way is horizontal for a traditional lap siding look or for cedar shake shingles. Vertical siding is more common when installing board and batten to the side of a home.

Dormer–  The purpose is to increase space in an area of the loft and roof that is both usable and also offers a window opening.They can be built in 11 different ways for multiple uses and styles. The most common of them is the gable fronted dormer seen below.

Gable– This is the triangular section of a wall that intersects the edges and the roof pitches.

Eave– An eave is created when the rafters end continues past the outside walls creating an overhang.

Soffit– Is the section of material seen underneath the overhang of a roof.

Fascia– This piece of material can be spotted directly above the soffit where the outside of a rafter becomes an end.

Inside and Outside Corner–  This is the area in which a trim piece would be added to the corner of your home.  This part can typically be the same color as your siding or a different color to add an accent to your overall curb appeal.

Trim– Is a piece of material, commonly wood that is used to accent the architectural appeal of a home.

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