The Benefits of Replacing Aging Windows

The Benefits of Replacing Aging Windows

Without insider industry knowledge, replacing windows that have seen better days may not make immediate sense. Yes, opening and closing them has gotten stiff, and there may be slight gaps or cracks beginning to form. “But they still allow plenty of light in and appear fine from a distance,” many homeowners say. While this may be true, there are almost assuredly more significant problems lurking just below the surface that should command attention. 

Stop Watching Money Fly Out The Window!

Watching money go right out the window is an old expression and is rarely meant literally. However, it could not be more applicable in the case of new window installation and replacement. Especially throughout the Carolinas, where the weather can vary so considerably even in neighboring regions, ensuring your home is well insulated is critical for many reasons, not least of which is saving money. 

Even if your older windows appear to be in good shape, advances in insulation technology in new windows make outdated windows significantly worse at keeping your home at a consistent temperature. Whether you have composite, vinyl, or wood, modern versions are all much more energy-efficient and can save a significant amount of money at the end of each month. 

While many folks tend to look at replacing their windows as an obligation to put off for as long as possible, reframing the way one thinks about installing a new set of windows can make the undertaking much more palatable. By looking at a window replacement as an investment that pays dividends at the end of every month, it is easy to see why so many homeowners in the Carolinas are choosing to make the swap. 

The Perfect Accent to Any Style of Home

With so many styles of home to be found throughout the Carolinas, it can be tough to find the right accents to go along with them to really make them stand out on the block. This is an area where windows really shine. Companies like Alside and Andersen offer window styles, colors, and options to fit every home. 

For example, a classic Victorian home may not be the proper fit for modern windows with no grates that provide a sleek and elegant look. However, they would be perfect for possibly a wood-clad and double-hung window with a more classic grate pattern.

While this can be difficult to picture in the abstract, it is essential that as a homeowner, one is confident in their choice going into a window replacement. This is one area where Hatch Homes stands out from the competition. With the Hatch Home Visualizer, our clients can test various styles and materials on THEIR homes before ever pulling the trigger to start the job. 

To see how else Hatch is revolutionizing the exterior renovation industry, call or contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation!

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