The Benefits of Using House Wrap

You most likely have seen house wrap before when driving past a construction site. However, you may not have known it’s technical name or the purpose of using it.

So what is house wrap you ask? House wrap or weather barrier, is a thin, synthetic material that is used to protect the home. In the past, an asphalt-treated paper would have been used instead.

Where should this be installed?

House wrap is installed on top of the sheathing before the siding is applied. The main purpose of it is to create a weather resistant barrier which prevents the outside elements from penetrating your home and allows water vapor to pass out of the exterior. I like to think of house wrap as a windbreaker jacket but for your home.

The benefits of house wrap when installed correctly are:

  1. Maximize energy efficiency.
  2. Prevent water damage, wood rot or mold from growing underneath the siding.
  3. Creates a more comfortable home all you around
  4. Also provides some good insulation value.

While there are various brands of house wrap available be sure to check with the siding manufacturer on what brand they recommend.

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