The Best Exterior Colors to Choose Before Listing Your Home

If you have plans to list your current home on the market soon, you may be thinking about making some changes to it before officially putting it up for sale. Some homeowners know what renovations need to be made without prompting, while others require some assistance from their real estate agents. No matter what served as the catalyst for your upcoming remodeling projects, one thing is certain: Curb appeal reigns supreme when it comes to selling a house. If would-be buyers don’t get a good first impression, they are unlikely to make an offer. Here, you’ll discover some of the best exterior colors to choose for your house before you sell it.

      1. Off-white – Off-white is a beautiful hue for any home exterior, but looks particularly striking (and historically accurate!) on antebellum homes throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. If you reside in an older house, consider pairing creamy, off-white exterior walls with beige or grey shutters and a heavy wood door for contrast.
      2. Yellow – Though not necessarily the right choice for the faint of heart, yellow can actually be extremely appealing as an exterior hue. Stick with muted, pastel yellow for the broadest appeal and consider pairing it with bright white trim for a happy, carefree vibe. Yellow houses, when done correctly, make people smile right away, which is definitely how you want potential buyers to remember your house.
      3. Grey – One of the best things about grey is how versatile it is. Whether you live in a brand new construction or a historic abode, the perfect shade of grey for your house undoubtedly exists. Furthermore, grey exteriors pair well with a wide range of accessories and trim colors. If you want to go for a bright, youthful look with unexpected pops of color (consider aqua trim, for instance) or you would prefer a traditional style, a grey exterior will work for you.
      4. Cadet blue – Cadet blue, which borders on navy, is the perfect hue for homeowners who are striving to achieve a calm, nautical aesthetic. One of the best things about this exterior color is that it is bold and unique without being overwhelming. Your home will definitely stand-out for all the right reasons if you select cadet blue paint or siding! Pairing this color with white trim and a tan roof is an excellent combination.
      5. Barn red – It doesn’t get much more traditional than barn red. If you live in a rural area of North Carolina or South Carolina, this is an especially good option for you as it will stand out against the naturally beautiful landscape. Barn red exteriors pair well with white or natural wood trim, depending on whether you’re going for a classic or rustic aesthetic.

At Hatch Homes, we know that the color of your house can have a massive impact on curb appeal. We also love being part of projects that help people sell their current homes and move onto the next chapters of their lives. If you are planning to have the exterior of your residence redone before listing it, give us a call to learn more about our siding services and to schedule a preliminary consultation with one of our skilled team members.

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