The Best Siding and Shutter Color Choices

If you have plans to remodel the outside of your home in the coming weeks or months, picking a color combination you will love for years to come is probably in the forefront of your mind right now. This guide is meant to help point you in the right direction, with siding and shutter color choices that look great together. Whether you’re keeping your current siding and just investing in new shutters or you’re completely remodeling your house, the information here is sure to help get your creative juices flowing!

If you have white siding…

White siding is indeed a blank canvas when it comes to accent colors. You can choose any hue in the rainbow, and it will look great with white. If you live in a rural area of the Carolinas, red shutters with white siding have a classic, farmhouse appeal. You can’t go wrong with this look if you’re going for an All-American aesthetic. If, on the other hand, you would prefer something more modern and sleek, consider using glossy black shutters against your white siding. For a bright, coastal vibe, aqua blue or coral shutters are both ideal options. Truly, with white, the sky’s the limit! You just have to consider the overall look you want your remodeled residence to have.

If you have grey siding…

Grey siding has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Although there are dozens of shades of grey siding available to homeowners, all of these colors have cool undertones, often in the green or blue family. Because of this, cooler hues tend to look best paired with grey. You might, for example, consider sage green shutters with medium or dark grey siding for a fresh, yet still conventional, look. Or, if you want your house to make a visual impact, consider using royal blue or purple shutters against a light grey background.

If you have tan siding…

Siding in the tan and beige family is extremely common. These warm hues lend themselves to earth-tone shutters that feel cozy and homey. You might, for instance, want to consider brick red or forest green shutters. Both of these draw from lush natural landscapes, which is an appealing look, especially in wooded areas, such as those surrounding Asheville, North Carolina. If you want your tan house to stand out from others, don’t be afraid to go bold with bright red or even burnt orange shutters.

If you have blue siding…

Blue siding is particularly popular in certain regions of the Carolinas, including coastal areas like Charleston, South Carolina. Different shades of blue lend themselves to different shutter colors. Beachy aqua houses, for instance, look great with yellow or white shutters. Navy homes, on the other hand, tend to pair best with grey or tan shutters. If you have questions about what will coordinate well with your blue house, don’t hesitate to meet with a color expert.

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