The Best Siding Options For Coastal Homes

If you’re thinking about moving to a coastal area or have just recently bought property there, you should have a good idea of the potential challenges that come with it! The positives of coastal living far outweigh the negatives, but you need to ensure that your home has the strength to withstand a tougher climate. Your home’s siding plays an integral role here! It needs to have the weather resistance and durability necessary to face the challenges of a coastal environment. The siding professionals at Hatch Homes will give you our expert recommendations for new siding for coastal homes!

Vinyl Siding

The best types of siding are engineered for climates much harsher than your average coastal one. Vinyl siding is a fantastic example of this! Not only do they have the resistance to stand up to temperatures well over 100 degrees, but they don’t require a ton of maintenance either. Coastal storms are a cut above what you’ll find inland, but vinyl siding has resistance to wind gusts well over 100 miles per hour. With a variety of fantastic color options as well, there aren’t many ways to go wrong with vinyl siding!

Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer is another type of siding boasting incredible weather resistance! Since it’s heavier than other types of siding, it should go without saying that the wind resistance benefits are strong. However, the real selling point of stone veneer siding is its moisture resistance. Stone veneer siding has built in rain screens, ensuring that any water that infiltrates it during a big storm is just as quickly eliminated. Stone veneer siding also requires minimal maintenance, making it a foolproof option.

Fiber-Cement Siding

Out of all of the siding options you can pick for coastal homes, we’d recommend fiber-cement siding the most! Fiber-cement siding takes all of the weather resistance boosts of the other types and dials them up to 11. Fiber cement siding boasts superior moisture resistance while also standing up well to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Especially in more tropical coastal climates, this is a perk that you can’t go without! Fiber cement siding also requires little to no maintenance to keep intact, making your home look beautiful regardless of what weather conditions are present.

Install New Siding With Hatch Homes

Siding installation is what the professionals at Hatch Homes do best! We can install a variety of different types of siding for coastal homes in North Carolina, including all three of the types we recommended here. If any of these options sound appealing for your property, don’t delay! Contact us today to secure the perks for yourself!

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