The Best Sustainable Carpeting Solutions

When modern homeowners do renovations, they are more concerned with sustainability than any previous generation of remodelers. Due to this, more and more sustainable options have started showing up on the market in a wide range of product categories. Flooring is one area where people tend to be extremely concerned about sustainability.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Not only are flooring materials generally purchased in large quantities, but they are not traditionally produced in a sustainable fashion. Here, you’ll discover sustainable flooring solutions that are perfect for houses in the Carolinas and around the nation.

Wool carpeting – Wool has recently risen in popularity as a flooring choice. There are a number of benefits to this material, including the fact that it naturally purifies air by absorbing a wide variety of known pollutants. Certain studies have shown that it can keep air clean for about three decades!

Another benefit of wool is that it doesn’t have to be treated with any chemicals during the production process. It resists moths, fire, and staining without any third-party treatments. This makes it a particularly good choice for homeowners who are allergic to many chemicals.

Mohawk Eco-Chic carpeting – Mohawk is among the most trusted names in the flooring industry. Their Eco-Chic product line is ideal for those who don’t want to sacrifice a well-known brand name when they buy new carpet. Eco-Chic styles are crafted using 100% recycled goods and are certified by a number of reputable sources, such as NSF and The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label.

PET carpeting – PET carpeting products are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalates (PETs), such as empty gallons of milk and bottles of soda. PET carpet tiles are simple to replace, as they can be installed one at a time. They are also available in dozens of different colors and styles, making them perfect for everything from formal homes to elementary school classrooms. The only major downside to PET carpeting is that the microfibers that fall off of it can cause pollution. Vacuuming often cuts down on this issue, however.

FLOR carpeting – FLOR carpeting is sold in individual squares, which makes it ideal for high-traffic spaces like offices, daycare centers, certain types of factories, and schools. If one tile becomes damaged beyond repair, it can simply be removed and replaced with no impact to the rest of the floor. FLOR uses both reclaimed materials, such as nylon fibers, and recycled goods in their manufacturing process. When the time comes to replace any FLOR tile, the company provides shipping labels so they can be recycled into new carpeting once again.

Sustainability matters, so choosing one of these brands for your next flooring project is the best thing you can do for the environment. Even little things add-up, so it is important to make wise choices when it comes to going green at home. If you need assistance deciding which sustainable carpet is best for your lifestyle, talk to your Carolina installation professional and visit various showrooms. The more research you do, the better!

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