The Best Ways to Avoid Water Damage on Your Roof

Your home’s roof plays a major role in the overall structural integrity of your residence. Therefore, if it sustains damage of any kind, it could lead to a variety of other problems, primarily related to water damage. When a roof is no longer in top-notch condition, the risk of precipitation getting into your home and causing all sorts of issues, such as mold infestations and staining, is very high. As you read this brief guide, you will discover a few of the best ways to avoid water damage on your roof.

Have missing shingles replace right away

If your area experiences a storm that knocks any shingles off of your roof, you should have them replaced by a professional as quickly as you can. Missing shingles are incredibly likely to lead to water damage because they leave areas of your roof completely exposed to the elements. If the underlayment was damaged as well, water could fall directly into your attic or second story. In the event that you don’t initially see missing shingles following a storm, it’s a good idea to look around your yard for any loose shingles and to have a professional contractor assess your roof.

Deal with ponding promptly

The term “ponding” refers to pools of standing water on a roof. This issue is generally most prevalent on flat roofs and roofs with very low pitches, but it can happen to any home. If you’ve noticed you have a ponding problem; it’s a good idea to have a trustworthy contractor take a look right away. The longer ponding is allowed to continue, the worse the potential water damage is likely to be. You could even find yourself having to replace your entire roof due to rot or mold. Since nobody wants to deal with these kinds of problems, it’s best to address ponding promptly.

Have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of roof maintenance, even though many homeowners don’t realize it. If your gutters are clogged or damaged, water may not flow off of your roof properly, which can lead to ponding and other problems. Although you can clean your gutters on your own, it is best to leave the task to a professional. Gutter cleaning only needs to be done once or twice per year, so it is worth it to pay an expert to make sure your home’s entire gutter system is in good working order.

Schedule an annual roof inspection

The majority of homeowners don’t spend a lot of time walking around their roofs. This means it’s very easy to miss problems, including missing shingles that are located high on the roof. To catch roof issues before they result in serious issues, make a point of scheduling an annual roof inspection with a reliable Carolina contractor. He or she will be able to point out potential problems to you and suggest the best ways to fix them. Some of these solutions may be simple and inexpensive, while others could involve major renovations. Remember, you don’t have to embark on a remodeling journey immediately, but it is important for your roof to get a check-up every year just like you and your family do!

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