The Best Ways to Protect Your Windows From Hurricane Damage

Although there are a number of perks that come with living in North Carolina or South Carolina, hurricanes can be one of the downsides for people in coastal cities and towns. If you live on the Atlantic coastline, this article will help you make sure your home is as prepared as possible for hurricane season when it strikes year after year. As you continue reading, you will discover some ways you can – and should – make sure all of the windows in your house are ready for impending storms, no matter when they may occur.


It is important to note that many of these tips can also be used to take precautions for strong storms in any part of the Carolinas or the United States as a whole. If you live in an area where severe thunderstorms, tornados, or other natural disasters are a concern, you can absolutely apply these tips as-is or modify them to suit your specific needs. 


Are there hurricane-proof window coverings?


There are several different types of window coverings that protect against hurricane-force winds and rainstorms. Here, we take a look at a few popular options.


Windowpane security film – Security film, which many manufacturers brand as “safety window film,” is an inexpensive option that is affordable on nearly all budgets. Homeowners in hurricane-prone areas should adhere the film to the insides of their windows. 


The purpose of this security measure is to reduce the risk of glass shattering into a residence should a windowpane be hit with debris during a storm. This film does not, however, actually reduce the risk of glass breaking on impact. 


Hurricane fabric – Hurricane fabric is an aptly named product that resembles the material used to make trampolines. It is designed to “bounce” debris away from your residence. Again, however, much like security film, this product does not actually stop glass from getting hit or breaking. 


Plywood – For homeowners who actually want to stop their windowpanes from shattering, plywood tends to be the best option. Sheets of this material should be nailed over windows on the exterior side. If you are a new coastal Carolina resident who has never done this before, talk to friends or neighbors for assistance. 


Should I invest in hurricane shutters?

Hurricane shutters are the next step up from the window coverings outlined in the previous section. There are several different options on the market, ranging from basic accordion hurricane shutters to aesthetically pleasing Bahama hurricane shutters. 


Accordion shutters – Accordion hurricane shutters are the least attractive, but most affordable, option for Carolina homeowners. This temporary option can also be installed quickly if there are no other forms of hurricane protection readily available. Accordion shutters somewhat resemble the screens that are put in car windshields to protect the interiors from getting too hot, though they are much sturdier. 


Colonial and Bahama hurricane shutters – Both Colonial hurricane shutters and Bahama hurricane shutters are permanent additions to a house. They each feature wood frames and louvers but do have some differences. Bahama shutters feature a single section and are installed more like awnings, while traditional Colonial shutters close over the window and latch. 


Is there hurricane-proof glass?


Many homeowners in the Carolinas and in other areas that are frequently in the paths of hurricanes opt to invest in hurricane glass in conjunction with one or more of the other precautionary options detailed in this guide. This type of glass, which may be billed as “storm glass,” is typically crafted from two panes of tempered glass with a thick plastic film in between. 


Although hurricane glass is significantly stronger than conventional window glass, it does not have a different appearance. This means it won’t impact your property value in a negative way.


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