The Best Ways to Utilize Beadboard in Your Home

Beadboard is among the most versatile building materials in existence. No matter what project you’re about to take on, there’s probably a way you can use beadboard to complete it. If you haven’t ever worked with this material before, you might not even realize all of the ways it can be utilized in the home design. Here, you will discover some of the best ways to incorporate a beadboard feature into your house, no matter what your personal style is.

  1. Use beadboard as a backsplash – Beadboard makes a lovely and functional backsplash, regardless of the overall aesthetic of your house. White beadboard works well in traditional and beachy houses, while painted beadboard can be appropriate in even the most modern spaces. One of the benefits of using beadboard as a backsplash is that it’s incredibly easy to wipe down. To make your backsplash work, you will either have to cut large pieces of beadboard with a saw or order custom pieces, which are typically more expensive than pre-cut boards sold in hardware stores.
  2. Use beadboard to dress-up a bookcase – It seems like almost everyone owns the type of pre-made bookshelves that can be purchased at any big box store. While these shelving units are perfectly functional, they don’t have much personality. Adding small pieces of beadboard to the backs of each shelf can completely alter the appearance of your mass-produced furniture. You can leave the beadboard white or paint it to match or contrast with the bookshelves.
  3. Use beadboard to cover unattractive ceilings – Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, popcorn ceilings were immensely popular. These ceilings didn’t require finishing, so they allowed builders to get homes constructed and sold as quickly as possible. Nowadays, popcorn ceilings have entirely gone out of style, but removing them is a messy, tedious process. Beadboard, however, can be used to cover unsightly ceilings without actually taking down the popcorn finish. There are a number of online tutorials to help you with this project, or you can hire a team of professionals to do the job.
  4. Use beadboard as a cabinet facade – Whether your kitchen cabinets are old and outdated or you just don’t like their current style, beadboard is a surefire solution. Pieces can be cut to precisely fit the doors of each of your cabinets, then painted, stained, or left raw depending on the style of your kitchen.

Use beadboard in builder-grade bathrooms – If you live in a suburban home that was built fairly recently, you probably have bathrooms with builder-grade tubs, showers, and sink vanities. A great way to dress these fixtures up is to add beadboard to them. Adhering this material to the outside of a tub, for instance, will instantly elevate its look and give it a farmhouse-chic appearance.

While homeowners can do many beadboard projects, it’s always best to hire professionals if you feel uncomfortable with a specific task. Give your local interior remodeling company a call today, to set up your free consultation to install beadboard into your home design.

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