The Better Business Bureau: How Company Ratings Are Decided

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Nearly all consumers have heard of the Better Business Bureau, often simply called the BBB. This organization offers detailed information about companies in a wide range of industries, with the goal of helping all American consumers make the best possible choices for their families when it comes to purchasing products or hiring professionals in any field. 

If you are thinking about doing renovations to your North Carolina or South Carolina home in the near future, the Better Business Bureau can be a wonderful resource. If you’re like many other Americans, though, you might not fully understand how BBB ratings are determined. This guide is here to teach you about the process that occurs before any Better Business Bureau rating is posted for the public. 

Complaints are assessed

One of the first things the Better Business Bureau does is assess a company’s previous complaints. The BBB team looks at the number of complaints per year, whether or not the situations were resolved, and a variety of other factors, such as whether any of the complaints were later proven to be fraudulent. 

Proper licensing and compliance

Depending on what industry a business operates in, they may be required to adhere to certain licensing regulations and other government rules. Before publishing a rating, the Better Business Bureau will look at whether or not a given company has complied with all of the regulations that apply to them. 

In the case of home services professionals like roofers, for example, BBB officials will make sure all necessary business licenses are valid. They will also check municipal and state laws to ensure that contractors are adhering to any local statutes.

Advertising practices are rated

The Better Business Bureau utilizes a strict Code of Advertising that allows them to rate any company’s advertising practices. If a particular business has been accused of false or misleading advertising at any point in time, the Code of Advertising helps the BBB decide if those claims should play into the company’s final Better Business Bureau rating. 

History is taken into account

A company’s history is also taken into account when the BBB decides its rating. This includes how long it has existed, how many times it has moved locations, and how many facilities it operates. Generally, the longer a business has been around without excessive complaints and problems, the higher its Better Business Bureau rating will be. 

Remember, if you have questions about a particular company you’re thinking about hiring to remodel your house or to perform maintenance services, you can always contact the BBB to learn more about their rating. You can also perform additional online research and read other consumer reviews on trustworthy websites. 

We sincerely hope that this information will make it easier for you to understand Better Business Bureau ratings and, ultimately, select home services professionals who will do a great job working on your Carolina residence. We know that renovations can be stressful even under the best circumstances, but choosing qualified experts to assist you can make the entire process simpler. 

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