The Carolinas Guide to Old Home Siding Types

Old Home Siding Throughout the Carolinas

Whether you find yourself in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia, one thing is for sure, you’ve most likely been exposed to several different styles of siding. As a homeowner or even someone interested in entering the residential housing market, it is crucial to understand the different styles to ensure you are prepared to perform maintenance or know when it’s time to replace your siding. Luckily, Hatch homes is here to help explain your home’s old siding and is ready and waiting to help when it’s time to replace it as well!


From mid-century modern mansions to bungalows by the beach, T1-11 was a leading siding and sheathing combo that performed well and stood the test of time; well, at least for a while. Its performance was respectable for the price, but over time, it became susceptible to rot and other damages as the plywood deteriorated. Luckily, though, it is an easy material to work with, and in some cases, new home siding can even be installed directly over this material, making it a favorite of contractors everywhere.


Masonite siding is extremely common in large developments built in the ’80s and ’90s. Though it was cheap to install and effective in the short term, it struggles heavily with moisture management and durability. As it was often paired with blackboard sheathing, it tended to be rather flimsy and fail well under the time it was supposed to perform. When replacing this siding, it requires more labor and replacement than in some other cases.

Natural Wood

This siding is often made out of gorgeous cedar planks or shingles. While it is durable and looks amazing in the short term, it also takes a considerable amount of maintenance to keep in this state. From painting to staining to sealing, it can be tedious and laborious to constantly upkeep this siding as it ages. In addition, it is quite costly compared to other more modern and generally superior options like Fiber Cement and Vinyl.


Winyl is a modern and versatile solution to home siding that offers benefits like versatility, cost-efficacy, and a wide variety of colors. Though it is not as durable as fiber cement siding options, it offers homeowners a durable notion for a price that will likely not break the bank. However, for homeowners looking for the best of the best, there is one new home siding option that stands the test of time and is a shoulder above the rest.

Fiber Cement

Often the brand James Hardie, this siding is the cream of the crop in new home siding. Offering superior durability and an equally impressive range of colors and styles to vinyl, fiber cement is the best a homeowner can go within the Carolinas. To learn more about the broad range of benefits that Hardie Fiber Cement offers, call Hatch Homes today to schedule your free initial consultation!

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