The Definitive List of Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Whole-house window replacement is undeniably a big job and is, all too often, one that scares homeowners off before they even get started. Although a project like this can seem daunting, it is nearly always worthwhile. As you continue reading, you’ll discover a host of reasons it’s a great idea to replace your windows now.

  1. Less maintenance over time – Modern window materials offer low-maintenance solutions homeowners love. If you have old wooden windows currently, you’ll spend much less time taking care of them if you switch to vinyl window frames with tilt-and-sash panes that allow you to easily clean both sides.
  2. Your home will be more secure – With older windows becoming an increasingly popular way for thieves to enter homes (many of them have broken or rudimentary locks), home security should be a top concern for you. New windows are designed with safety in mind; many feature high-tech locks and laminated glass panes that are tough to break.
  3. You’ll hear less street noise – Depending on where you live, street noise may or may not be a major issue to you. If, however, you live in an urban area, the idea of reducing unwanted sound inside your home is probably very appealing. Many window brands now offer lines that boast improved insulation and noise reduction.
  4. Boost your home’s curb appeal – Aesthetically pleasing windows are a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Old windows that have peeling paint and dirty or cracked panes don’t do anything for your house. Many homeowners are amazed by how much better their residences look after new windows are installed.
  5. A good return on investment – New windows have one of the best ROIs of any exterior home renovation project. As of 2015, in fact, the median price for replacing wooden windows throughout a home was $11,341. The return on investment? $8,937. Hard to beat that!
  6. Lower utility bills – Modern windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Manufacturers know their customers want to simultaneously make their homes more green and reduce their overall monthly spending. New windows should improve your home’s heat retention in the winter and cool air retention in the summer, lowering your utility bills all year.
  7. Safer from the sun’s rays – In previous eras, the technology to stop UV rays from passing through window panes simply didn’t exist. Nowadays, though, it’s possible for brands to produce windows that dramatically reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation that passes into your home. This not only prevents artwork and furniture from fading, but keeps your loved ones healthier too.
  8. Less condensation to deal with – For a number of reasons, older windows often form excessive amounts of condensation. This can get frustrating, but can also signal serious problems, such as gaps between the window frame and your house’s walls. New windows should have much less condensation, particularly on the interior.
  9. Better warranties than in the past – Today’s window manufacturing companies understand that, in order to keep clients, they have to offer great warranties. This is excellent news for you. By replacing your windows now, you ought to be able to lock-in a great warranty that will cover your purchase for years into the future.
  10. Let the light in – Natural light is coveted among today’s homeowners and window brands know it. Therefore, they’ve started producing models that have thinner frames and larger panes, allowing for extra light to enter spaces.

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