The Drawbacks of Natural Wood Siding for Your Carolina Home

Five Reasons Wood Siding Is Not The Best Choice For Your Home

Wood siding presents many challenges to homeowners and can end up costing your home significantly if not properly kept. Luckily, there are several other options homeowners can choose from to ensure their home is protected as well as possible with durable and low-maintenance options. At Hatch Homes, we believe the right siding for your home is that which works best with your lifestyle. So, to explore the reasons it may be time to upgrade your home’s siding to James Hardie or Vinyl, here are five reasons why wood may not be as good as it seems to side your home.

Constant Maintenance

One of the most significant drawbacks of wood siding is the near-constant maintenance required to keep it looking ship shape. From sanding and staining to painting and cleaning, the list of chores is extensive if you want to keep your siding looking fresh and well-kept. Unfortunately for many homeowners, this extensive time sink does not fit into their daily lives. With families and jobs, keeping your wood siding kept up can easily get away from them, leaving a much larger deficit going forward to restore its style or functionality.

High Vulnerability

Another drawback of wood siding is its high levels of vulnerability to threats like pests and the elements. For example, unlike its fiber cement or vinyl counterparts, wood can rot if exposed to moisture, easily warp, and can even be infested with termites and other pests that can damage its integrity. Since your home’s siding is primarily meant to protect your home, this vulnerability can present significant challenges.

Poor Fire Resistance

Another critical vulnerability of wood siding is its poor fire resistance. While the event of a fire is unlikely, it is always best to overprepare for every threat, even in the least likely of cases. Since wood siding is so perceptible to fire, it can make the risk significantly higher, leaving you, your family, and your home in jeopardy in the unlikely event of a tragedy.

Limited Style

While there are several style options when installing wood siding, it is still limited to the natural and often rugged look. This can become even more apparent when it begins to age and degrade since it has a tendency to reveal more of the natural faults and blemishes. For a more polished look with a superior range of styles and options, of for fiber cement or vinyl siding!


While all siding tends to be costly, natural wood siding has an extra cost associated with it. Since it requires almost constant maintenance, one must factor in the cost of time, materials, replacements, and other upkeep costs. These can quickly add up when compared to more sustainable options like James Hardie.

To learn more about the alternative options for your home when it comes to siding, call Hatch Homes to explore our wide-ranging catalog. From there, claim your free initial consultation to discuss the best choice for your home!

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