The Importance Of A Punch List

Attention to detail is critically important when managing an exterior renovation from start to finish. A lot of work is involved. However, it is important that an exterior remodeling contractor takes time to address all of the minor details as the project comes to an end. First let’s start off by defining what a punch list is: a punch list refers to a document that is created at the end of a construction project listing tasks that are required to be completed by the contractor.

A few tasks that can be found on a punch list are but not limited to:

  1. Replacing individual pieces that were damaged during installation.
  2. Touch up caulking.
  3. Touch up paint.
  4. Wiping clean any piece of siding that became dirty during the install.
  5. If your roof was replaced, re-positioning the satellite dish.
  6. Reinstalling the doorbell.
  7. Reinstalling the house numbers.
  8. Reinstalling the shutters.

No matter who your contractor of choice is sure to set some time aside to complete a final walk through. During the final walkthrough is your chance to be sure everything on the punch list has been completed. This time is also your chance as the homeowner to speak up about anything you may have noticed as well. Here at Hatch Homes, we pride ourselves on not accepting the final payment until our customers are 100% satisfied.

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