The Many Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

We at Hatch Homes know that today’s homeowners have many choices when it comes to exterior cladding, or siding, for their houses. One option that an ever-increasing number of North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners, as well as homeowners throughout the United States, are selecting is fiber cement siding. This material, manufactured by the James Hardie company, has a host of benefits. However, because it is not as common as vinyl or wood, for example, it isn’t always the first product homeowners consider. 

As you read the rest of this guide, you will learn more about fiber cement and how it can benefit you. No matter what region of North Carolina or South Carolina you live in, you are sure to connect with at least one of the perks offered by this durable yet surprisingly affordable residential cladding option. 

  1. Durability – James Hardie fiber cement siding is incredibly durable. This is usually the first thing that draws homeowners in when they begin considering the product. It usually lasts for decades without cracking, fading, warping, or other problems. As a matter of fact, its immense durability has earned the James Hardie product line the Good Housekeeping Seal. 
  2. Very little upkeep – As most homeowners already know, wood and vinyl siding both require some maintenance. Wood needs the most care, especially if it has to be repainted every year or two, but vinyl siding boards must also be checked periodically for warping, cracking, and fading. Fiber cement siding has effectively zero upkeep once it is installed. This is another feature that is extremely appealing to most homeowners. 
  3. Fire retardant – Although North Carolina and South Carolina residents don’t have to worry about wildfires the way that West Coast homeowners do, the fire-resistant nature of fiber cement siding is still a key benefit. If, for example, another residence in your neighborhood has a house fire, the flames will not spread to your home if you choose fiber cement cladding. 
  4. Pest resistant – One issue North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners definitely do have to worry about is pest control. There are all sorts of bugs and vermin that live in the American Southeast! Fiber cement siding’s pest-resistant qualities will prevent you from dealing with any unfortunate infestations. For instance, termites and carpenter ants don’t find fiber cement appealing because it doesn’t contain wood. 
  5. Colorfast – Fiber cement siding is available in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing colors and styles to suit any home style. Unlike any other siding material, the color on fiber cement is baked on, making it incredibly colorfast. You won’t ever have to worry about fading when you choose fiber cement siding.
  6. Lengthy warranty – If home improvement product warranties matter to you, you’re sure to be impressed by the James Hardie Company. Their fiber cement siding includes a 30-year warranty. To learn more about the pro-rated warranty’s details, contact Hatch Homes or the manufacturer directly. 

If you’re ready for a free fiber cement quote, contact the Hatch Homes team today. We look forward to helping you with your exterior renovation!

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