The Only Gutter Contractor Checklist You Need

As a homeowner, there are dozens of maintenance tasks you need to do every year to keep your house in good condition. From having your roof inspected annually to maintaining your lawn to ensuring that your siding is in excellent shape, it seems as though homeownership comes with a neverending to-do list! 


One task that far too many homeowners put off is having their gutters inspected at least twice a year. Depending on where you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, three or four inspections annually might even be recommended – if, for instance, you reside in a forested region, you need to account for the fact that your gutters may have more debris than those in a planned community with few trees. 


Over time, gutter systems deteriorate and need to be replaced. If the time has come for you to hire a gutter contractor, there are several things you should take into consideration prior to hiring someone for the job. Below, you’ll find the only gutter contractor checklist you need to make the right choice for you. 


Create a shortlist of reliable contractors. 


Finding a Carolina gutter contractor can feel a bit overwhelming. To avoid feeling burnout before you’ve even started vetting local contractors, you should create a shortlist of three to five reliable options. This way, you won’t have to weed through dozens of contractors. 


There are several ways to figure out who the best gutter installers in your area are. One great option is to ask your friends and family members whose work they have been satisfied with in the past. If you are a new Carolina transplant and don’t have any close friends in the area yet, searching the Better Business Bureau and other online review sites is a good course of action. 


Go through the vetting process. 


Before you sign a contract with a gutter installer, there are key questions you should ask. The answers you receive will help you figure out which professional is the best fit for your project. As a matter of fact, many of these questions can be adapted to vetting any home services expert. 


  1. What is your quote process? – Some gutter contractors offer free quotes, while others charge a service fee – that is generally refunded if you hire them – to come to your home and offer a quote. It is good to know which camp all of the contractors on your shortlist fall into ahead of time. 
  2. How many years of experience do you have? – The more experience a contractor has, the more likely it is that he or she has a good reputation in your area. Generally, gutter installers and other home services professionals who are not good at their jobs do not last very long in local business climates. 
  3. Do you have references? – Any reputable contractor should be willing to provide you with references from past clients. By contacting these past customers, you can learn more about how each contractor operates while doing a job. This can be quite helpful as you make your final decision.
  4. Do you offer financing? – If you don’t think you will be able to pay for entire gutter replacement job in one lump sum, don’t hesitate to inquire about financing. Many Carolina contractors offer financing options to their clients. 


The Hatch Homes team is here to help you every step of the way as you prepare for your gutter replacement job. Give us a call to discuss all of our exterior remodeling services and to schedule a free quote at your earliest convenience. 

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