The Only Window Installation Day Checklist You Need

Whether you are remodeling a home you’ve lived in for years or you are building a brand new construction in North Carolina or South Carolina, the day you are scheduled to have new windows installed is undoubtedly an exciting date on your calendar!


New windows can work wonders for the overall look of your home and, for homeowners who are upgrading existing windows, can actually save money on energy bills, paying for themselves over time. In new houses, the addition of windows often signals to homeowners that their dream home is truly becoming a reality and they will be able to move in soon.


Knowing exactly what needs to be done on – and ahead of – your window installation day can, however, feel like something of a mystery, particularly for homeowners who have never been through the process before. Here, you will find the only window installation day checklist you need to be fully prepared for this home renovation project. 


Take down window treatments and disable alarms. 


If you are having windows installed in your current home, not a new build, it is important to make sure your existing windows are bare when the installers arrive. This means you need to take down any blinds, curtains, curtain rods, and other accessories – such as kids’ cling-on window stickers – that may be present. In addition, disable any window alarms you might have to prevent break-ins from happening. 


Clear space around each window.


Each window that is going to be replaced should have approximately a five-foot radius of clear space around it. This will allow your installation crew to do what they need to do without damaging any of your personal belongings or getting injured by tripping over objects. Even if your home is a new construction, it is important to make sure there no power tools or other items near the windows that are going to be installed on any given day. 


Consider your daily routine.


If you work from home or have children and pets, window installation can cause a bit of chaos – or, at the very least, a bit more chaos than usual! For at least a day or two while your new windows are being installed, your house will effectively become a construction zone. This may mean that you need to make alternative arrangements for office space, a place for small children to nap, and somewhere pets can be away from the work area. 


Confirm, confirm, confirm.


At least a day before your contractor and his or her team are scheduled to install your new windows, contact them to confirm the appointment. Communication is key when it comes to any residential remodeling job, so never hesitate to call your contractor with any questions or concerns that might arise between when you hire him or her and the date of your appointment. 


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