The Perks of Having Skylights Installed

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Many people dream of having skylights in their homes for one reason or another, but for a lot of homeowners, it requires remodeling to turn this dream into a reality. If you are planning to actually add skylights to at least one space in your house in the near future, this is the guide for you! In the next section, you’ll see details about several benefits that skylights provide. Some of these may be things you haven’t thought of before, so you should be even more excited about your upcoming project by the time you’re done reading this.

    • Allow natural light into dark spaces – Since skylights are installed in the ceiling, they can be put nearly anywhere in your home; there are even methods that can be used to install skylights underneath of attics. Due to this, they are an excellent option for areas of your house that lack traditional windows and are, therefore, dark and depressing even on the brightest days. Interior hallways and half bathrooms frequently fall into this category, so keep these spaces in mind when you’re planning where to add skylights.
    • Add a window without sacrificing privacy – Bathrooms are among the most popular spaces for skylight additions. This is largely due to the fact that they allow homeowners to experience all of the benefits of windows without any of the drawbacks, such as a distinct lack of privacy. Privacy is a particular concern for people who either live in houses very close to their neighbors or who reside in one-story homes on lots that do not have many trees, hedges, or other forms of landscaping. In these situations, skylights are the perfect choice.
    • Get some fresh air – There are multiple types of skylights on the market today, most of which can be opened one way or another. Certain styles, however, are significantly simpler to open than others. The kind of skylight you can afford will depend largely on your budget. The least expensive models have to be cranked open and sometimes have cords that attach if they are installed on high ceilings. The most costly models, alternately, generally include remote controls that allow them to be opened, closed, and sometimes even tinted at the touch of a button. There are also in-between options that most homeowners ultimately choose.
    • Enjoy the night sky – There are few things more relaxing than having a blanket of stars on your ceiling at night. Residents of rural North Carolina and South Carolina are especially able to take advantage of this view once the sun goes down. Even if you live in the city, though, it’s nice to be able to open your skylight on beautiful evenings and spend some time soaking up the beauty of the night sky!

If you have been thinking about installing one or more skylights in your home, but haven’t yet done so, this is the perfect time to contact Hatch Homes about handling the project for you. Our expert team will be able to help you understand exactly what needs to be done to outfit your house for skylights and will answer any questions you have about the process. We are excited to help you add this great feature to your residence soon!

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