The Technological Revolution in the Construction Industry

Revolutionizing Residential Construction

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The world of residential construction has remained stagnant for decades, leaving homeowners in limbo. By using opaque inspection and estimate practices to a history of poor communication, contractors have historically put homeowners last on the list of priorities. In reality, this was a backward practice, leading to high degrees of dissatisfaction and contempt. Taking their place among used care salespeople and lawyers, contractors were not desirable folks to interact or do business with. Luckily, Hatch is here to change that.

As we speak, a technological revolution is happening in industries spanning a range of services. With new communication technology and software to streamline some of the pain points previously present throughout, there are new opportunities to improve practices that benefit both the business and the consumer. Here are a few examples of how technology is allowing the home renovation and replacement industry to be more accessible than ever before.


Previously, contractors would need to send a representative to the property in question physically. This was a time-consuming process for both the consumer and the business, often meaning hours would be spent waiting. This is where the dreaded “window” of time was introduced. Someone may show up at noon or 4:00 in the afternoon; no one knows. This left homeowners waiting around, forced to cancel appointments, and miss work.

With Hatch’s unique inspection and estimate process, there is no need to physically be at the home until the work has actually begun. Using software like HOVER, which lets a model of the home be rendered in 3-D, has a host of benefits for both consumers and businesses. Additionally, it saves the homeowner money by cutting the margin of error significantly when compared to manual measurement techniques.


Since new technology allows homeowners to experiment and test options before they decide to proceed, there is much less risk involved. Since homeowners have seen how their homes will turn out, the process can be managed much more smoothly and without stress as well. Additionally, with the development of more advanced online portals, homeowners can remain in the driver’s seat of their project from before it has begun to when the last nail is hammered.

At Hatch Homes, our homeowners can take advantage of the comprehensive client portal to manage their projects in several ways. From making payments to receiving daily updates, nothing will come as a surprise since progress pictures and status updates can be viewed at their leisure. Additionally, this allows homeowners to remain in direct contact with Hatch throughout the process, ensuring communication always remains a priority.

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