The Top 4 Reasons Vinyl Siding Starts Warping

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The majority of homes in the United States have vinyl siding exteriors. There are numerous reasons for this. Today’s vinyl siding is usually fade-resistant for at least two decades, affordable, and available in a wide range of colors. No matter what look you’re going for with the outside of your Carolina home, vinyl siding is a versatile option.

As with any material, however, there are certain downsides to vinyl siding boards. One potential problem is that vinyl can warp. While this issue often can’t be prevented, it is important to understand the factors that could result in warping. This way, you’ll know what to be on the lookout for and, hopefully, be able to correct the issue sooner if your home’s siding does begin to warp, it’s likely from one of these four causes. 

      1. Direct exposure to UV rays and heat – Siding is exposed to direct heat and UV rays every single day. While it is, of course, engineered to withstand this, certain sections of your Carolina home’s siding might be in direct sunlight for many hours on a daily basis. This concentrated UV exposure can lead to warped siding boards.
      2. Incorrect nailing – Vinyl siding should be nailed on using galvanized nails that are hammered in loosely enough that expansion can occur as the weather changes. Even in the warmest areas of North Carolina and South Carolina, temperatures decrease during the winter months. When nails are too tight, this can cause vinyl siding to warp or crack as it expands and contracts around the nail heads. 
      3. Expansion – Even when nails are properly installed, expansion and contraction of vinyl boards are still inevitable. In certain situations, this can still result in warped boards. If, for instance, your area of the Carolinas experiences a particularly hot or cold season, vinyl siding can warp from the extreme temperature changes. 
      4. Using your grill – Most homeowners never think about the fact that their outdoor grills could cause damage to their siding. If, however, you place your grill too close to the house, the heat from it can weaken vinyl siding boards, ultimately causing them to warp and bend. Since many North Carolina and South Carolina families enjoy grilling almost all year long, this is an especially important issue to be aware of in the Southeast. 

It is important for you to understand that there is nothing you can do about most of the catalysts that cause vinyl siding to warp. Although you can control where you use your outdoor grill, the weather and the position of your house in relation to the sun are completely out of your power. Therefore, it is best to simply be aware of any changes to your siding, rather than blaming yourself for problems. 

If you are concerned that your siding may be warping, it’s best to have the qualified team at Hatch Homes take a look before any potential damage gets worse. Our skilled crew can repair or replace your vinyl siding in a timely fashion. It is also smart to contact your siding manufacturer to find out if your materials may be covered by any warranties. This can defray the cost of siding replacement. 

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