The Top Exterior Color in Charlotte,NC

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Have you ever been curious about what colors are the most popular from state to state for the exterior of a home? Well, you are not alone. The colors can vary from the Midwest who prefer neutral colors to the coastal regions that love pastel colors.

Today, we are going to talk about the most popular color of homes in Charlotte, NC. When you think of the south, your mind gravitates towards simple and classy. The style of homes you may also picture are colonials and bungalows. So if you guessed the color white, then you are correct!

The color white is associated with fresh starts and a blank canvas. While the color white may not heighten a person’s senses, it can help open up a creative element inside of you. White can be dressed up with pops of color whether that be one accent color or many. A new feature that is becoming somewhat popular with home remodeling shows on tv is by adding colored window grids. Recently I was watching a show that revealed a white house with black trim outlining the window. That small and straightforward detail made the home so modern and fresh looking. Of course, adding a beautiful landscape can also complement a white home nicely. Typically in the Charlotte, NC area, you can spot white lap siding or brick that has been painted white. The extra boost of curb appeal is by outlining the house in white trim and gutters to create an even flow throughout the exterior of the home.

For more information on the popular colors in your neighborhood, contact your friends at Hatch Homes. The team would be happy to help assist you in changing the color of your home’s exterior.

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