The Top Styles of Windows

Windows on a home; we all have them or we all want more of them. The beauty of the window world is the endless amount of options to chose from. This can be a pro but can also be a con if one finds themselves becoming overwhelmed with the endless amount of choices. Re search no more, here are the most common styles and types to choose from.

Lets start with the basic styles of windows: the ones that open or those that don’t.

Stationary Windows: The name says it all, this window is solely for the easthetic look. This window does not open or close for the sole purpose of this style is to frame in a gorgeous view.

Single Hung Windows: The most basic and standard window choice. Single hung windows only open one way, from the bottom. Commonly this style of window can be seen in apartments or homes that have been recently constructed..

Double Hung Windows: A double hung window aesthetically does not look any different from a single hung window. The big difference however is that this window can open 2 ways from both the top or the bottom which allows for better air flow.

Casement Windows: As a kid you may have seen these in your parents or grandparents house. A hand crank is typically used which allows the window to open or close. This style can be installed two different ways either single or double.

Awning Windows: Most commonly spotted in the more coastal regions for not only their look but also their design. The way this style of window opens is from a hing that is located at the top.

Bay Windows: A popular window or windows that protrudes outwards from the wall of a home which creates an alcove within. A bay window can make any room look better and provide extra space in the interior of any home.

Now that we have covered the styles of windows, let’s dig into the types of energy efficient windows in the market.

Low E-  Low emissivity is the technical name for Low E. The product itself is a thing layer of coating that is applied to the glass at the manufacturing plant. This thin coating helps to re direct light instead of being absorbed into the glass caused by the sun. In return this helps maintain the temperature of your home on those warm or cooler days providing a more energy efficient home.

Multi-Pane- This type of window is offered in both double pane or even triple pane. The only difference between the two types is the insulation in between. Double-pane windows have a gas filled or vacuumed area which helps with the transfer of heat. In a triple-pane window the only difference is that an extra layer of glass is centered in between.

Hopefully this post has helped you, as the homeowner narrow down your options when it comes to shopping for new windows. Contact Hatch Homes to view these many styles in person or to set up a free estimate for your home.


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