Things to Know About Painting Your House Multiple Colors

Although the Victorians are often thought of as staid and straightlaced, some of their cultural preferences were anything but! One look at San Francisco’s famed Painted Lady houses is enough to teach you that Victorian homeowners did not, for the most part, shy away from color. Whether you live in a historic home that was built in the 1800s or you just love the look of these sorts of houses, read this guide if you’re thinking about a multi-color aesthetic for your residence during your remodeling project.

Go glam with neutrals

Not all multi-color houses use bright hues. Some homeowners opt for a glamorous; almost Art Deco look that involves beautiful combinations of neutrals. If you want to go this route, consider a deep grey or taupe for the main part of your home, then accent trim and gingerbread features with silvers, creamy whites, and golds. The end result is sure to be stunning!

Don’t be afraid to go bold

On the opposite end of the spectrum, choosing to go with a multi-color look for your home gives you the freedom to select a bright, bold palette if you so desire. There are plenty of Victorian houses in San Francisco that feature color combinations like peacock blue, orange, and lime green and bubblegum pink, purple, and aqua. Look at pictures of these residences for inspiration and don’t be afraid to call in a decorator for assistance if you’re struggling to select the perfect hues.

Don’t fight your home’s architecture

It is critical for all homeowners to understand that, by using multiple paint colors on their homes, they will be enhancing and drawing attention to all of the architectural features their residences have to offer. Don’t fight this as you create a painting plan! Pay attention to every detail, such as how corners come together and how trim is laid. If you don’t take each piece of your home into consideration, you could end up having it painted in such a way that its proportions are thrown off.

Pay special attention to window frames

Typically, window frames on Victorian houses are thick and noticeable, even from some distance away. When these homes were original, homeowners had to have their wood frames painted every year to keep them looking great. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of modern vinyl and fiberglass options that mimic the appearance of authentic Victorian window frames without the upkeep.

If you’re hesitant to start your remodeling job because you’re nervous about making design choices that will work with your family’s contemporary lifestyle without jeopardizing the charm of your historic home, you are not alone! As a matter of fact, this is one of the most common reasons for homeowners to put off major renovations. That’s where skilled professionals come in; you aren’t in this alone!

If you live in a historic house or, for that matter, a historic-style home in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia, the team at Hatch Homes would love to work with you throughout your renovation. Breathing new life into houses is our passion, and we can’t wait to find out what ideas you have to transform your residence into a multi-color paradise for your family!

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