Things to Know Before You Put In a Stone Patio

Patios are quite popular, particularly in the Carolinas where people love being outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you live in this region and your home doesn’t currently have a patio, the odds are good that you’ve been thinking about installing one. Not only are stone patios lovely from an aesthetic standpoint, but they provide the perfect gathering place for your family and friends. There are, of course, some important issues to consider before you actually have a patio put in. A selection of key questions have been outlined below.

Do I want a dry-laid patio or a wet-laid patio?

Many homeowners don’t realize that there are actually two manners in which patios can be installed. These are known as the dry-laid installation method and the wet-laid installation method. You will need to figure out which one is right for you before your project can officially begin, as the prep work is quite different.

      • Dry-laid patios require a sand or gravel base, with a small, equal space left between each paver. The spaces can be filled with anything from decorative pebbles to compacted sand to certain types of plants. Dry-laid patios can be reconfigured more easily than wet-laid ones and, if they are put in properly, they won’t be bumpier or more uneven than their counterparts.
      • Wet-laid patios are installed on a poured concrete base and are subsequently permanently installed using mortar. There will be no gaps between the pavers when this method is employed. This sort of patio tends to be more costly upfront but will withstand years of heavy use with very little, if any, real upkeep.
How much should I expect to spend?

Although every patio project is different and, therefore, has a different final cost, there are average budgets you should be aware of before your job gets underway. The majority of stone patio projects end up costing somewhere between $28 and $40 per square foot, depending on the method of installation used and the type of stone selected by the homeowner. The number of additional features you want to include, such as an outdoor kitchen or a water feature, will, of course, increase your final expenditure.

How long do patios usually take to install?

Typically, stone patios are not huge, often between 300-500 square feet, so they often don’t take a great deal of time to install. Once your contractor is able to begin your project, his or her team can probably have it done in a week unless they encounter inclement weather or your design plans are particularly elaborate. In these sorts of cases, patio projects’ timelines may have to be extended.

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