Things to Think About Before Your Renovation Starts

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If you are planning to remodel your house in the near future, there are a number of steps you have to take before construction can begin. One of these things, for many homeowners, is selecting an interior designer. Once you and your design professionals have created a plan that fits your family’s needs, you can begin doing the other tasks that must be done before your project can officially get underway.

The next several paragraphs feature information about a few of the things you will have to do prior to your renovation. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. Furthermore, your tasks may vary slightly depending on the nature of your remodel. This guide is simply meant to make it easier for you to get started.

Find the right contractor

It is best to have your design plans in-hand before you start interviewing contractors. This way, you can see which professional seems truly excited about the vision you have for your renovated space. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to picking a contractor for your job. You must, for example, look at photos of his or her previous work, see proof of his or her licenses and insurance policies, and check out reviews written by past clients. It may also be beneficial to ask if there are any references you can speak to; reputable contractors ought to be happy to provide you with a reference list.

Know that a quote isn’t everything

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to get quotes from several different contractors. This is not only so you can compare prices, but so you can get a feel for how each professional will approach your job. Much like how artists can all interpret the same still life scene very differently, contractors can see design plans in unique ways. Make sure you don’t select your new general contractor based solely on his or her rate. Instead, also take into consideration his or her reputation in your local community, vision for your remodel, amount of experience with jobs like yours, and overall level of professionalism.

Understand the difference between a bid and a time and materials estimate

Although homeowners frequently use the terms “bid” and “estimate” interchangeably with one another when talking about home remodeling jobs, these are actually two different things. A bid typically includes a fixed rate for which a contractor will complete a project, such as redoing a bathroom for $5,000 all-inclusive. A time and materials estimate, on the other hand, usually includes a line item list of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands, of necessary materials and their prices. The contractor’s hourly rate will also be included in your estimate. In the end, you will have to pay for all the aforementioned materials and the number of hours your contractor ends up needing to finish your job. There are pros and cons to both of these; which type of quote you prefer is really a matter of personal preference.

Let your design team assist you

In order to make your dreams for your renovated space come true, it is imperative for your designer or decorating team to be part of picking the right contractor. Whether they are present in your meetings with various contractors or they simply look at the quotes after the fact, their collective opinion should matter to you. They will be able to tell which contractors are truly grasping their ultimate vision for your home.

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