Things You Can Do to Use Your Front Yard More

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North Carolina and South Carolina are both scenic states where residents enjoy spending time outside for much of the year. However, a high percentage of homeowners, not just in this region, but throughout the United States, find that much of their outdoor entertaining gets relegated to backyard areas. Whether you have a deck, a patio, or just a large grassy lawn out back, that’s probably the place where you and your loved ones tend to congregate.

This, however, means that your front yard is likely wasted space. Instead of letting this continue, take heed of the following tips and turn your front yard into an area that is as welcoming and comfortable as the outdoor living space you have behind your house. You will be glad you did!

  1. Create a courtyard – Front yards are perfect for courtyard spaces, which can serve a variety of purposes. If you have a large lawn in front of your home, you may want to add a gate and a circular driveway in your new courtyard; this can also provide extra parking for guests when you’re entertaining. If you have more limited space, your courtyard can house seating, a fire pit, or a garden, depending on what your tastes are.
  2. Utilize your porch – If you are lucky enough to have a porch on your house, use it to its best advantage! Porches are great gathering places and are extremely fun to decorate. Since they are usually covered, it’s easy to furnish them with comfortable pieces, creating a veritable outdoor living room. If your porch is small, consider adding onto it or making it a wraparound style. If you don’t have a porch at all, discuss your options with your contractor. Make sure you check into city building codes before you start construction.
  3. Add a gravel seating nook – If you have ever spent time traveling in Europe, you probably noticed that the French and Italians, in particular, utilize gravel, lined with mortared stone or another surrounding border to prevent grass from encroaching, to create seating nooks in their yards. You can take this concept and translate it to your own front lawn quite easily. Circular seating areas are best, as they encourage conversation. The best part of this option is that it can be adapted to suit any size of yard, even small row-house areas, which are common in historic cities like Charleston, SC.
  4. Create a privacy wall or hedge – If your main issue with your front yard is that it simply offers no privacy, the addition of a privacy wall or hedge will solve your problem easily. There are a wide variety of building materials and plants you can use to create a screen, of sorts, shielding prying eyes from your yard. An evergreen hedge, a stone wall, or a modern pallet wood fence are all great options, depending on the style of your house.

No matter what changes you want to make to improve the appearance and functionality of your front yard, the team at Hatch Homes is here to help. We are passionate about helping families throughout the Carolinas truly enjoy their homes, and we look forward to working with you to create an outdoor space that is ideal for your lifestyle.

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