Tips for Constructing a Custom Home

If you’ve been thinking about having a custom home built, there are dozens of things to take into consideration first. Knowing what to think about first can feel overwhelming, but the process of having your dream house constructed doesn’t have to lead to undue stress. Taking things one step at a time is key, and that starts with understanding the process on which you’re about to embark. 

As you continue reading here, you will find several helpful hints that will make the custom home building journey as simple as possible. Remember, this is not a one-size-fits-all article; you may have unique needs you need to discuss with your builder and his or her team. However, once you reach the end of this guide, you should feel much more prepared for what lies ahead of you as you start planning your Carolina dream home! 

Know the order of events

Many American homeowners think that the custom home building process begins with finding a lot they love, then hiring an architect, then getting quotes from builders who can handle the job. In actuality, most people end-up going about things in exactly the opposite order. Finding a builder is typically the first step, then selecting an architect, then working with both of these professionals to find the ideal lot. 

Once you understand the steps you should be taking, the process of building a custom home becomes immediately less stressful. In some parts of North Carolina and South Carolina, finding a builder you can trust is as easy as looking at planned communities or sub-divisions that are currently in development in your area. Although you might not be able to customize every aspect of a sub-division residence, you will have a say in the floorplan and finishes. 

Decide exactly what you want

Knowing what your personal priorities are is another important part of having a pleasant custom home building experience. Your builder and architect may try to talk you into certain features or spaces you know your family won’t really use. It’s a good idea to make a physical list of your household’s needs and wants. Refer to it often and share it with all of the Carolina contractors you hire for your project. The more you share with your construction team, the more likely you are to be happy with the end result. As with anything in life, communication is key!

Learn the terminology

There is a lot of vocabulary specific to the custom home building industry. It’s wise to familiarize yourself with these terms before you start interviewing builders in your area of the Carolina. The term “outsale price” is likely to come up early in the process, for example. This phrase refers to the price a builder presumes they will be able to sell a home for on a given lot (it is not used to describe existing homes, in most cases). 

Another important term is “spec home.” This refers to a house that is built to certain specifications and, usually, is located in a planned community in which a single builder is constructing all of the residences. Spec homes are intended to appeal to buyers who can’t wait half-a-year or more for custom homes to be constructed from the ground-up. 

Finally, it’s important to be aware of what “non-build costs” are. Construction professionals often refer to these, and homeowners rarely have a full grasp of what the phrase means. These expenses are things like permit charges, engineering payments, real estate commissions, and other related costs. 

Remember, throughout your experience with a custom home builder; you need to remember that you are giving your family a place to make wonderful memories for many years to come. 

Best of luck with your Carolina custom home building experience! 

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