Tips For Constructing a Deck You Will Love

North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners take outdoor living seriously. After all, in most parts of these states, great weather lasts well into the fall season, allowing for plenty of time to make memories outside each year! If you are unhappy with your home’s current outdoor living space, you might have started thinking about adding a deck. This is a popular home remodeling project that will not only increase your property value but provide you and your loved ones with years of enjoyment! In this guide, you will find some helpful tips you should be aware of before you begin construction of your deck project.

    • Know about pertinent codes – Every Carolina city and town has its own building codes. Before you and your contractor even begin designing your deck, you should research the codes in your municipality. Some local governments are stricter than others, regulating everything from how tall a deck can be to how many stairs it is allowed to have. If you are struggling to understand local codes, talk to your contractor. He or she should already be aware of all regulations that need to be followed.
    • Determine what you can afford – Creating a budget is not the most exciting aspect of preparing to build a new deck, but it is extremely important. If you don’t know how much you can afford to spend on your project, you run the risk of going into debt just to upgrade your outdoor living area. No remodeling job is worth your financial peace, and putting together a budget is an essential part of not breaking the bank. As you plan, make a point of adding an extra ten to twenty percent of your overall budget as an emergency fund to cover unexpected costs. It is also worth noting that your budget may impact the materials you can afford to purchase. Treated lumber, for example, is much less pricey than composite materials or exotic wood.
    • Evaluate needs v. wants – There are dozens of deck design ideas in magazines and online. As you look for inspiration for your own project, you’re sure to see all sorts of features you wish you could have in your own backyard. It is, however, important to know the difference between needs and wants. If, for instance, you know you will be entertaining large groups of people on your new deck, you may genuinely need a large seating area and a full outdoor kitchen. If, however, you plan to use your deck for personal enjoyment primarily, you might not require all the bells and whistles that are needed to host a crowd.

As you plan your deck addition, it is crucial to work with a reputable Carolina deck builder who not only understands relevant laws and codes, but shares your vision for your new outdoor space. The best way to figure out which local contractor is the right choice for you is to interview multiple professionals. Not only will this give you the ability to compare quotes, but it will afford you the opportunity to interact with all of the contractors you are seriously considering hiring.

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