Tips For Hiring the Best Exterior Painter

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Painting the entire exterior of your home can feel like a completely overwhelming task. The truth is, between your job, any familial obligations you may have, and your other activities, it might actually not be possible for you to find the time to do such a big job in a timely fashion. This is why painting contractors are here to help.

Finding a good painting contractor to repaint the whole outside of your house, though, can also be a little bit daunting. There are a lot of companies and individuals that offer exterior painting services throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Some tips for picking a great painting pro are featured next.

  1. Set up multiple meetings – It’s rarely a good idea to hire the first contractor who gives you an estimate. By getting at least three quotes, you’ll be able to compare contracts and prices, ultimately helping you select the right professional to paint your house.
  2. Know what you want – Knowing what your expectations are for your upcoming painting project, and stating them clearly during each consultation, will help you in the long run. You’re less likely to be disappointed with the final result if you make your wants and needs known right off the bat. If, for example, you know there are lumps and bumps on your homes wooden siding from past paint jobs, make sure your contractor knows whether or not you want them scraped off before the new coat goes on.
  3. Contact references for each contractor – Any reputable contractor will have no problem providing you with references to call. They should also be happy to show you pictures of their past projects. When you contact the references as mentioned above, make sure you ask how happy they’ve been with the paint job over time, whether or not they had any problems with the contractors, and if the estimate was a true reflection of their final bills.
  4. Make sure the contract is complete – When you finally select your exterior painting contractor, go over the contract carefully before you sign it. It should detail the painter’s name (or the company’s name), a physical address, a working phone number, and the numbers of any business licenses or insurance policies. It’s extremely important to make sure you only work with fully licensed and insured contractors for any kind of home remodeling project. You might also want to ask if the contractor will include a guarantee of his or her work in the contract, such as free touch-ups if any chipping or peeling occurs over the first two years.
  5. Select the paint on your own – It’s a good idea to do your research and pick high-quality exterior paint you know you’ll be happy with on your own. This will reduce your final painting bill because the paint will already be paid for and you will know exactly what is going up on your house.

The professionals at Hatch Homes can help you with any exterior painting project, big or small. Simply give us a call, and one of our experts will come to your residence to perform a consultation. We look forward to increasing the curb appeal of your home soon!

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