Tips For Selecting a Residential Entry Door

Often, entry doors are not the first thing homeowners think about updating when they are looking for ways to spruce up the exteriors of their North Carolina or South Carolina homes. Investing in a new front door, though, not only has aesthetic benefits but other perks too. For example, your home may become more secure, and you may save money on utility costs. You’ll learn more about all of these potential upsides as you read on. 

In addition to discovering the various benefits that buying a new entry door can have, you’ll learn details about the factors you ought to take into consideration as you shop for your next front door. Remember, the more door research you do now, the easier it will be to choose the perfect door for you when you start visiting local home improvement stores. 

Durability and longevity – Durability is one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when you begin looking for a new residential entry door. Not only will the door be used multiple times per day, probably by several people, but it will have to withstand various weather elements, such as sleet, snow, and rainstorms. Durability is even more important than it would normally be if you reside in an area of the Carolinas that gets hit by hurricanes. 

Although wooden front doors were once the gold standard, modern fiberglass and steel doors tend to offer superior performance. One of their biggest benefits in the hot, humid Carolinas is that they won’t swell and contract as the weather changes. This makes them much more durable than their wood counterparts because they won’t start to splinter or crack. 

Energy rating – A surprising amount of heat loss in any home occurs through the front door. To ensure that warm air stays inside during the cooler months of the year and cool air isn’t lost in the summertime, make sure you choose a door that is EnergyStar rated. Although there are some high-end wood entry doors rated by EnergyStar, most of these styles are made from fiberglass or steel. 

Overall style – The overall style of the new front door you choose is also quite important. It is, after all, the first thing anyone will notice when they see your home’s entryway. There are hundreds of different door styles on the market at any given time. These range from colorful fiberglass doors that are perfect for beach house bungalows on the Carolina coast to imposing hardwood front doors that work well on antebellum mansions. If you have questions about a specific entry door’s features, talk to a salesperson, or contact the manufacturer. 

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