Tips to Avoid All-Too-Common Roofing Scams

When severe weather strikes, illegitimate roofing contractors usually aren’t too far behind. In the days and weeks following hail storms, hurricanes, and other inclement weather that leads to lots of damage, homeowners are generally desperate to have damage repaired — and, in some cases, they don’t want to wait on their insurance companies or reputable contractors to do it. 


Often, immediately after a storm hits, numerous contractors swarm the area, often going door-to-door to offer their services. To homeowners who just want the damage to their properties fixed fast, these contractors can seem like a Godsend. In reality, however, it is all-too-common for these “roofing professionals” to be scam artists who intend to skip town before they finish the jobs they signed on to handle.


As you read on, you’ll discover some useful tips that will help you avoid these roofing scams next time severe weather hits your area of North Carolina or South Carolina. The more educated you are about these cons, the easier it will be for you to not fall victim. 


  1. Never provide a down payment – Reliable, legitimate contractors will never ask roofing clients for a down payment before they begin a project. Often, however, scam contractors will. This is one of the ways they make money on jobs they don’t actually do. They take the down payment money they collect from unsuspecting homeowners and leave the region without a trace. 
  2. Asking for “both decision-makers” to be present is a red flag – If you have a spouse or a partner and any roofing contractor you are considering requests that both of you be present for a consultation, you should instantly reconsider using his or her services. Typically, this is a tactic employed by scammers who don’t want would-be marks to have a chance to talk to their significant others later, thereby delaying their decision. 
  3. Trust your instincts – If you have a proverbial “bad feeling” about any contractor who comes to your door, do not hesitate to ask the person to leave your property. This is your right as a homeowner. In general, if you don’t feel like a specific roofing company is the best choice for you, the odds are good that your gut instinct is correct. 
  4. Don’t hire anyone without a physical address – If you come to a point at which you are seriously considering hiring a roofing contractor who isn’t based in your local North Carolina or South Carolina region, it is imperative to ask for proof of their office’s physical address before you sign any legally binding paperwork. A physical address proves that the company is established enough to actually have a presence in the area where they are based. It is also smart to contact references.


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