Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Deck

In North Carolina and South Carolina, outdoor living is an important part of day-to-day routines in many families. Because the weather is temperate in many regions across these two states, homeowners frequently turn their decks and patios into veritable exterior living rooms. If your deck has started feeling a bit stale, there’s no time like the present to make some updates. As you read on, you’ll find the top ten ways to upgrade your deck for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. 

      1. Add new furniture – Deck furniture can focus on function over form. When you first built your deck, you might have purchased the first set of furniture you found at an affordable price. Now that some time has passed, it might have become apparent that it isn’t as attractive as it could be. Upgrade your exterior furnishings to reflect your style to boost the overall look of your outdoor living space. 
      2. Install new lighting – If you use your deck as an extension of your home, it’s important to focus on lighting just like you would inside. If, for example, you have multiple spaces on your deck, such as a fire pit, a dining table, and a kids’ space, they should all have their own task lighting. Installing ground lighting is also a great idea to prevent falls. 
      3. Build a fire pit – If you don’t already have a fire pit on your deck, it’s a great way to upgrade your outdoor space and make it more functional. People love gathering around fire pits to hang out, make s’ mores, or enjoy a few drinks. Whether you DIY a fire pit to fit your own specifications or buy one from a home improvement store, the final result will be more fun for you and your loved ones!
      4. Lay down some rugs – Like interior rooms, decks need to have defined spaces in order to work well. Investing in some attractive outdoor area rugs is a great way to create “rooms” on your deck and add pops of color too!
      5. Erect a pergola – Pergolas not only add visual interest to a deck, but serve a practical purpose as well. They can block direct sunlight, preventing sunburns and general discomfort for you and your guests. If you’re thinking about using ivy or another vine on your new pergola, consult with a local Carolina landscaper to find out what plants are most likely to thrive in your area. 
      6. Consider a trellis – A trellis wall will add visual appeal to your deck and function as a privacy screen if you have close neighbors. Some Carolina homeowners even choose to turn their trellises into vertical gardens, giving them fresh herbs at their fingertips. This is a sustainable deck upgrade if you’re making an effort to go green. 
      7. Plant flowers – Flower planters can go a long way toward making your deck more beautiful. Again, meeting with a landscaper can be worthwhile if you aren’t sure what types of flowers do best in your Carolina region. It is also important to make sure you choose plants that require the level of upkeep you are willing to put in.
      8. Look into a water feature – Water features are one of the best ways to make your outdoor space feel more relaxing. You don’t have to commit to something major, like a pool or a hot tub, to make a major impact on your wellness. Even a small fountain can help you de-stress and focus on both your mental and physical health. 
      9. Hang curtains – Curtains can make your deck feel like it has multiple rooms. These can be easily attached to pergola beams, creating beautiful spaces that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living. Make sure you choose curtains that are rated for exterior use so they will hold up to the elements. 
      10. Construct a gazebo – Gazebos can be showstoppers when they are added to the side of a deck. This is an especially great idea for those who host a lot of events at their Carolina homes. Gazebos can make for gorgeous dining areas, for example. 

Hopefully these ideas have sparked you to give your deck some updates soon! Even if you love your outdoor space now, you’re sure to enjoy it even more once you’ve really made it your own. If you are interested in other exterior renovation projects, including siding installation or a new roof, give the Hatch Homes office a call to learn more about our services.

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